BEST USE of the IR Remote!!!

With all of the issues we’ve read about the IR, I think Dave Lavery and co. were hoping teams would look beyond the box and figure what they would do with it.
I havent seen it in another thread and would think that teams will eventually catch on to this.

  1. We dont know where they are placing the balls since its random? Right???
  2. We think its a waste of time to control the robot using the IR since the range is limited?

What are we thinking of?:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

using the Remote to tell the robot what autonomous to run… :ahh:

ahh I get it, since there are 4 balls and you can program 4 buttons… you tell your robot which ball slot to go to using the remote.

It’s obvious to me that the expected four signals/actions are something like this:

  1. Knock off the ball in the leftmost spot
  2. Knock off the ball in the center spot
  3. Knock off the ball in the rightmost spot
  4. Just go!

If those actions seem obvious to everyone else (they do to me), maybe the GDC wanted something completely different?

we are treating each lane of the track as three lanes (as there are three places the ball could be on that lane) two of our buttons will be used to “change lanes” so we are always underneath our ball!!

They seem obvious to me as well… but extremely hard to accomplish. Ah the joys of being the programmer.

Agreed. That’s what was clear to us and that’s what we’re planning to do.

why cant you do this and it would be an extra 15 seconds of tele-operated basically:
button 1: move robot forwards
button 2: move robot in reverse
button 3: turn robot left
button 4: turn robot right

It’s quite obvious that would be the best way to use the remote…
But who knows there always could be a different/better way to use it?!?! :smiley:


You sure can, but why?
With the addition of a few IR/Ultrasound range sensors, a gyro and encoders and some code you can have a robot that will drive around the track fully auto, and just use your IR remote for telling it what ball to knock down.

I think that is exactly what Dave wants us to use the IR for. The intelligence is on the robot. We give it an action we want it to accomplish and the robot takes the action on it’s own. If a team wants to use the IR as another form of remote operation they are going to have some hard problems to over come like the interference issues.

What about

  1. Drive Forward
  2. Turn Left
  3. Turn Right
  4. Knock the trackball off.

for IR buttons

thats what ive been thinking.
question: In the teleop-period ive been thinking the IR remote can be used to signal the drive team (ie. pressing one button will turn one OI light on, etc). Is it legal to have the four buttons have different actions in different periods of the game, or could I use an if-statement so in teleop the IR wont change any values, just turn on lights?

<R69> The ROBOT shall not dynamically change the recognized command set during a MATCH.

Guys… READ the MANUAL!

Welll lets think…
if there are no lights for a camera to react off of I believe the IR is for use to tell the robot which ball to go to at the beginning. Since its a random choice.


For those who haven’t tried to operate your remote WHILE 5 other remotes are being used…well you should try it.

Pretty futile.

Your robot better know what to do once it’s left the starting gate. I think the odds of getting a signal thru all the interfering IR will be unlikely.:ahh:

My idea is to add a restrictor tube to the ir reciever so that it will only see the remote of our robocoach when at the right angle to turn. Further thinking upon this makes it a bad idea, but i thought it was nifty.

I say cut out wasting a button on forward drive, and set your robot to move forward by itself. You can still steer with the other two buttons, and the back button could stop the robot and cycle through whatever processes that you choose or need.

There is no cycling of processes. You get four things.