Best Velcro

With the legality of velcro as the rope, I’m sure a lot of teams are looking into what the best velcro would be to choose. Has anyone found one that is guaranteed that it can handle the weight of a robot? Also one that has loop material on both sides?

Ninepeak Hook & Loop Fastener Sew-On , 2" Wide, 9 Yard Length (Black)

^ This is the velcro we bought. It was the strongest non adhesive stuff I could find. It’s important to note that the velcro actually doesn’t need to be that strong. Whatever rope it’s stitched to is what matters since you don’t want to be climbing without a wrap or two anyway.

My reading of the rule is that the loop fastener (ignoring the hook part) has to be composed entirely of woven or twisted fibers.

Every piece of loop fastener I’ve seen has been glued or fused on the back to hold it together which I’d think would make it non-compliant.

So with that particular material, can the individual fibers be unwoven?

If not, how does it meet the FRC Steamworks definition of a rope?

I’d hate to see teams show up at events with climbers that depend on non-compliant ropes.

Are you planning on cutting this in half or folding it over or what? I’m sure you realize that it’s 2" wide and the rope can only be 1" wide max.

We will be cutting it in half and then using both sides on either side of the rope.

We bought the cargo strap as well and were planning on sewing it into a 1" strap. Anyones thoughts on that ?

Also see this product at itapestore:

3M Hook and Loop Data Sheet

“The woven nylon hook has flexible, self-supporting inverted j-hooks protruding up from the backing with approximately 300 hooks per square inch (46 hooks/square cm). The woven nylon loop has thousands of soft, pliable napped loops protruding above the backing, providing for thousands of openings and closings (cycles).”

This seems like justification enough, but we’ll be bringing a backup plan to competition.

WIth the new team updates and the Q&A answers, and the blogs, non adhesive backed velcro that is sewn onto rope is perfectly legal (as long as you dont put the hook side on the rope that is).

See Team Update 5

D. consist entirely of (except for an adhesive applied by the VENDOR as part of the normal
manufacturing process for a COTS item and no longer tacky, e.g. a “binder coat”
) flexible, nonmetallic
fibers sewn, twisted, tied, woven, or braided together except for the last 4 in. (~10 cm) of
any cut end

This question has also been answered in the Q&A. It has been made very clear that Velcro is legal as a rope.

If I wanted to make my own loop ‘velcro’ to sew onto a rope, I’d start with a cloth and then get busy with a needle and thread, making countless loops. Seems legal to me.

The result, though, isn’t very stiff or easy to sew - but since I used nylon thread, I’ll just hit one side with a heat gun and fuse everything together…

We tested some hook and loop straps from McMaster that we had laying around. It was four 1" wide, loop side, straps braided together. Held up our 2016 robot very well.

On 1257 were using solid braid polypropylene. It functions as the loop (soft) side of the velcro very well and can support the weight of the robot. Then we have the hook (hard) side of the velcro on the spool mechanism. It grabs every time and holds very well. And since it is clingy enough to act as the loop side there is no need to add additional velcro to the rope.

Would you be so kind as to provide a supplier/manufacturer or even a web page/part number? Thank you!

Ditto, I would be interested in the manufacturer too.

Here’s a document on military specifications for hook and loop fasteners. The first table contains the breaking strength for each class of hook and each class of loop.

Here’s a pdf on which versions of Velcro brand hook and loop fall under which classes.

Here ya go! Happy climbing!

Do you guys have any video of this? It sounds awesome!

Unfortunately I do not at this time. We have a meeting this Monday and I will do my best to remember to take some video :slight_smile:

Alan, thank you for the link!

Has there been some kind of crazy buy of this rope? Not available for shipping nor available at any store within 100 miles

EDIT: Nevermind. It looks like you may need to buy a roll though.