Best Way Of Scoring?

My team has been having a lot of discussions not only about how to move but also how to score. There are a lot of different ways. Shooting, dumping, sort of spitting the balls out, or just containing the balls and giving them to the human player and having them shoot the balls into the trailer. I’m just wondering what people are thinking about this. Also how important is being able to recieve the empty cell and turn it into a super cell?

Your game strategy is really for your team to discuss and decide, but here’s how I see it.

One of the interesting things about this game is that both methods of scoring involve similar skills. In previous years, the methods of scoring were often quite different (hanging rings and lifting bots, driving fast and shooting balls). This year, one model may be able to do both efficiently. However, you must choose just 1 strategy for a particular match. Trying to mass rocks AND trying to stockpile cells will not be efficient.

The biggest difference between going for cells and going for rocks when choosing your strategy is scale. When scoring rocks, you must be able to hold and score many balls at once. With cells, you must only score one or two, but accuracy is much more important. This is something to take into account when you design, whether you design a pure moonrocker, a pure superceller, or a hybrid with both capabilities.

I don’t think the human players will have a large effect on the game, unless someone gets lucky and puts in a supercell. The goals will almost always be moving, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see human players accidentally score for the other alliance once or twice.

Just my humble opinion.

Good luck!



I couldn’t have said it better.


I was thinking the human players would be hugely important in this game, given that the robots will spend the entire match sliding around out of control, making it difficult to drive up to an opponent’s trailer to score the balls. Of course, the unknowns of how the game will play out is part of what makes FIRST so cool. We really won’t know until the games begin in the week one regionals.

We are going to take the moonrocks and throw them into the audience.

that’s allowed right? :rolleyes:

At least you won’t be bothered by that “2X” / “3X” scoring issue :wink:

Fast, often, in the trailer

Against the other alliance

Scoring on a stationary goal with a solid ball was difficult enough in 2006. I don’t think you’ll see a lot of long distance shooters in this game, or at least very accurate ones.

But your opponents may be! :rolleyes:

Lots and lots of moon rocks and cells, just like that.

I am with you Kit.

I think for the first time in a longtime we are going to see human players deciding who wins matches based on shooting ability.

Or inversely, which teams lose matches based on driving ability :wink:

I completely agree. but I think that because there are no pinning penalties this year, that would be a very effective way of allowing your alliance to score.


In 2004 we had a human player that was amazing. Over the course of 2 regionals and the championship he maintained a 98.5% shooting accuracy (the second regional and champs he had a cast on his left hand).

The point is that don’t count out the human players and actually focus on scouting them too…

have your alliances robots back the other alliances robots into a fueling station of your alliance