Best way to hold onto the ball

I am just wondering what kinds of materials people are using to hold the ball in their shooter, such as baskets and other things like that.

My team is using the two retrieval system to hold the ball in the robot.

PVC and Aluminum seem to be some winners. I guess steel might be another thing to look into. However, our team has no tools capable of machining steel!

With 25lbs of pressure

I suspect that it wont roll away if you deflate it first.

That’s not nearly enough.

Steel is definitely much heavier than necessary.

Aluminum and PVC are good choices. Thought you can run into issues with shattering with standard white PVC.

Gray electrical PVC (EMT) and PEX are nice options as well.

We’ve opted for PEX

A pair of wheels w/rubber treads running on a motor. This is attached to a frame wide enough to get ball in straight on, or at an angle.

If that was too confusing, just watch this at 2:40