Best Way To Insert Autonomous Code Into Default then load help.? :-)?

Hello Robot Gurus, I am not as experienced in C as I should be but am trying to help out our team.

I know I have good default code but I am wanting to add autonomous code in the right places. I have found some good documents. I know there is one main file. Does anyone have any links or docs on how to do this. Which file do I edit ? Do I edit one file and then recompile the frc default ?

It looks like I need to add a file called auto.h to the rest of them, is this true? The camera.c file with the default code seems adequate but is it just for controls?

Thanks for any help and links.

George Murphy
Team #1696

The place for adding autonomous code is in User_Autonomous() in user_routines_fast.c, under the comment
/* Add your own autonomous code here */

It will be a good idea to make an auto.h/auto.c to have all your autonomous functions, and use user_routines_fast.c to call a central function (auto_main() perhaps).

Anyway, look at for lot’s of more cool information.

[edit] Also, look at too. This is last year’s programming reference guide. Most of hte things there still apply. Obviously though, you won’t find any references to the camera there. (and don’t bother about references to the line tracker, which was “last year’s camera”). [/edit]

Thanks a ton for the quick response and great info. That clears up a lot for us!