Best Way to Learn Autodesk Inventor?

I’m switching from SolidWorks and Onshape to Inventor. What’s the best place for basic tutorials or FRC tutorials for Inventor?

Autodesk Inventor Design Academy is pretty good to get a feel for the structure though the videos are a tad outdated. Quite honestly, just play with some of the features. I’ve just almost every feature at least once, but for some of the more nuanced ones it often takes an internet search to remember how to use it.

Our team moved from Inventor to Fusion 360 a couple years ago. Can I ask the reasons you’re going to Inventor at this time?

Our team has a few Inventor 2019 tutorials that were used for our VEX robotics class. Because of this they’re pretty basic but a helpful resource nonetheless.

We also have an Inventor HSM tutorial if you wish to do any milling.

Best of luck!

From my experience, the best way to learn is by doing. I personally dont find much value in watching videos. If i want to find out how to do something specific that im stuck on, i will, but other than that, i dont. (Watching videos in the sense of sitting down and following a video tutorial or just watching someone do it and then trying it). This could work for you, and if it does, then that’s great. By all means, watch videos. The way i learned was by being given a task and then trying to complete it. If you start off with general knowledge on Autodesk and just CAD in general, you can probably figure it out. Trying and learning from your mistakes is a very valuable thing.

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To echo this. Once you use a Parametric Modeling tool you can use them all.

Learned Autodesk Inventor in High School
Learned PTC creo in College
Had to pick up Siemens NX for an internship
Had to pick up Solidworks for my current job

All the packages have the same toolsets, but in different forms. It only takes a few projects to become proficient CAD package if you already know how to CAD. Tooltips & videos can be used to help bridge some of the differences in the toolsets.

I find going back to Inventor to be hard for me because I learned to rely on using my origin planes to orient my models, but in Inventor the Origin planes are placed into a folder in your model tree instead of readily accessible which I find annoying.

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I switched teams. My previous team used SolidWorks and Onshape and my new team uses Inventor.

totally a personal problem :wink:

Just from experience…
I learned Solidworks (college) from knowing Inventor (high school). My current job uses Inventor, so I went the other way. Once you figure out where everything is, it’s pretty similar.

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