best way to score in the lower goals ??

I have been trying to figure out the best way to score in the lower goals. There is a ramp there in front of the goal So roling wound be trickly. Any one got some suggestions?

Personally, I would do rolling. Just design a flexible/jointed pusher which can go up the ramp a little ways to get the ball over the hump. (or close with some force)

I can’t seem to figure out how to get around this. If a robot just sits infront of a corner goal (Which it easily can), and anothr robot can’t move it without latching on how is anybody going to score in the corner goals. Are there any loopholes to get around this?

Well, I guess you just have to beat them up until you can get in there. Theres going to be alot of contact this year around those goals, no way around it.

I have merged the two thread together as they both ask the question concern scoring balls in the lower goals.

that is why the defensive offensive alliance has the 3v2 thing with the robot staying back. There is only two robots defending. If a robot on defense just sits in front of the lower goal the 3 offensive robots have the ohter lower goal and the center goal. With only two robots on defense it isnt that benifical to sit in front of hte goal unless someone is immediatly at that time trying to score on a lower goal. Also that is the same visevera if an offesneive robot is infront of the lower goal feeding balls into score its pretty hard from teh defensive robot to defend other then ramming the robot

If the robot sits infront of the goal its not doing anything else, including getting in the way of the other two robots on the offensive. The only way i could see that strategy working would be if none of the robots on the offensive alliance could score on the center goal. then the two defensive robots would be able to block the only two places the offence has to score.

A strategy of blocking the lower goals, while it will work in the early regionals during qualification matches, is not the best idea. Think about it, if you want to rank high, you must win often, by a small margin, in a high scoring match.

Relating to what Billfred said:

Last year’s game lent itself to being total chaos, where you didn’t care what your opponent scores. Since the RTS will actually be RT this year and the final ball score, you may will probably have time to say “Oh Gee! It’s 75 to 15 and one of thier robots can’t make it up on the ramp! Let’s make thier score closer to ours!” and you’ll have time to execute it.

This made me realize something: Will we get more matches as the refs won’t have to score the object, merely see if your robot is on the ramp?

Am I the only person that doesn’t even worry about RPs while on the field? I mean, with all the madness on the field last year, I had fifteen other things going on when I had field coach duty. Making sure we didn’t beat anyone by too much just was down on the list.

Perhaps this season’s game will allow for teams to keep more aware of the game status, allowing for more control over this. (Memo to self: make sure to ask the video guys to keep the RTS posted.)

While I don’t think RP’s are top priority in getting ranked high, it’s still important.

First, you have to WIN your matches to be in the lead. Then, when you’re tiered by that, if there’s numerous undefeated teams (or teams with equal # of wins), you get ranked by your RP’s.

There’s a lot to think about on the field, however, if the scoring goes as planned, it should be pretty easy to see if you’re in the lead and by how much. If your’re way ahead, you might want to score for your opponent.

Also, I’m not sure planting yourself in front of a goal is the best way to defend, unless that’s all the opponent can do. Strategy - it should be diverse this year.

Maybe no extra effort is really needed to consider you opponents score. One of my favorite components of this year’s game is that balls scored by your opponents are given to your human players. So if you’ve got a shooting robot that just needs balls maybe letting them score some in the lower goals isn’t so bad. Your three pts per ball sure beats the heck out of some one pointers.

a basket with a conveyor belt system would work…the balls would just keep rolling in.

a basket with a conveyor belt system would work…the balls would just keep rolling in.

a basket with a conveyor belt system would work…the balls would just keep rolling in.

Possibly look at systems from '02 and '04. Teams like 1083, 330, and 33 all had systems that would intake and spit out balls really fast by reversing the intake motors. Systems like that could be very very valid again.

note about the ramps: I was at the main kickoff location and I expieremented with the lower goals. if you give the ball a gently push it will go into the goal. If you put any kind of real force behind the ball it will most likely not go in. Shooting or throwing the ball won’t work either because of the height of the lower goal opening (something like 10 inches high or something).

the corner goals are 48" long by 10" high. the starting size for a robot is 38"x28". assuming the bot sitting didn’t expand after start, that is a 10"x10" opening. it isn’t much but it’s something. ALSO, there is another corner goal and only one more defending bot. so that is 3 offense bots on 1 defense. so as long as one of the offensive allinace robots can shoot into the center goal, sitting in front of a corner goal is an ineffective stratagy.
further more, proventing the opposing team from scoring is cutting off balls to your human player.

i know all this has been said before. and once the rules are thought about, it all becomes farely evident.

in regards to this:

you could have a bot that picks up balls from the field or an open-top-hopper that your human player throws balls into. then you could have a “draw bridge” that lowers to about …say… 5" about above ground level and have a hopper with a slanted bottom. the balls in the hopper would roll right in after clearing a 1" high incline. …or something like that…

hope that helps a little. i’m looking forward to seeing all the bots this year. oooo so excited.

330 has not done a small ball robot since 2000. 45 (2004) would be a better example here.