Best Web Host

Hi, I am just wondering who everybody thinks is the ‘BEST’ web hosting provider. If you Select ‘Other’ please post who it is and why. An explenation of why you chose who you did anyway would be great aswell.

Iam doing this just so that I/my team can see which would be a better choice if we decide to move from our current provider.


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Our team uses Go Daddy, and we haven’t had any problems.

My team has just switched to godaddy. We’re happy so far. :smiley:

GoDaddy is great. They have good setups with cheap prices and good service. Whatever you do DON’T go with exabytes. I went with them on one project because reviews said they had good service. Well, they have NO phone service, and their e-mail service is in Malaysia. The people that do know English assume you don’t, so if you’re looking for the answer to a non-beginner level question (i.e. how to upload files), their service is pointless. As of right now, I have two “under construction” websites on their servers that I can’t work with because they have user access-level problems on the server. Not a good choice.

BTW, you might want to add the l into the BBC for the godaddy link. It’s not linked as is.

I haven’t heard of the first four ever. My school uses GoDaddy for email and website hosting.

team 885 uses 1and1 and we have had no problems. along with my team, my parents and i share a hosting account. they have their business on their and i have a whole mess of test sites on mine. i like to try weird things w/ integrating forums and such so most of them i messed up but don’t bother deleting.

Hmmmm. I’ve never used Blue Host personally, but I heard it was pretty reliable. Dot 5 is pretty good if you want to go cheap, but I don’t know much else about it. But our site uses GoDaddy right now, and we’re happy with it. :slight_smile:

I use for my personal and family hosting. They rock because their founder is a family friend, and they have really fast (within 5 minutes) response times on emails or phone calls.

I would recommend avoiding Globat. I used them for one year as a personal web host, and their downtime and customer support were unacceptable for me. They also left register_globals on for all of their installations, and disallowed modifying it in .htaccess. Their web support panel also doesn’t allow much freedom in doing a lot of things, as their tools are relatively locked in, and though easy and effective, relatively basic.

I’ve since been using both Dreamhost and HostRocket. DreamHost survived the Digg Effect. They also have a great control panel with almost everything you could want control over (and they have shell access). HostRocket provides roughly the same, except with cPanel over a custom application. Their hosting packages both provide roughly the same features at the same price (Multiple Domains, a Lot of Bandwidth, and a lot of Storage Space). The only reason I might recommend DreamHost more is because they allow you to choose between PHP 4 and 5 and use more modern software, while HostRocket uses relatively old versions of everything (Apache 1.3, MySQL 3, PHP4). However, HostRocket does sponsor Team 20.

Our team uses the school’s servers however, due to a lot of privacy concerns and liability rules our district has. So nothing but static HTML for us.

I will build on what Chris just posted (which exactly echoes my sentiments).

When setting up your website, I highly recommend registering your domain with someone other than your host. This gives you a lot more flexibility with your hosting plan and prevents you from getting your domain (which is really the heart and soul of your web presence) locked up with one host. GoDaddy handles all of my domain-registration needs, and I have found them really good to work with. They also support a lot of podcasts, and I am all about being a conscious consumer.

Hostrocket has worked very well for me with hosting my personal web site, so I would recommend them if your demands aren’t extremely technically-driven (due to aforementioned technical limitations).

So in summary:
Hostrocket (Team 20 Sponsor) + GoDaddy (podcast sponsors) = Win

My team is useing our universitie’s system. Makes for an unbelevebly long url, but it works out ok, because it’s free for us. Our url is
Yah, long and complicated.
provided this year goes good, we may end up purchasing a domain… but untill then!

We’re actually running on Globat right now, but i think that lately our site has been loading slow because of them. As it was pretty fast, and i haven’t added/deleted any content and it is EXTREMELY slow now… Anyone know who CD uses?

According to a whois, CD is hosted by

Team 754 currently uses for our hosting. Their uptime, speed, features, and overall quality have been great. Also, here is a website that some of you may find useful if you are looking for a new host.