Best Week 1 Video Stream

It’s my second year and last year I found there were good quality regional video streams and bad ones. Anybody have a suggestion on the best one to watch on the first weekend of the 2011 regionals? Watchable in full screen mode? It’s time to learn what strategies work.

I would recommend not watching the ones with the higher qualities, but the ones with the smart strategies going to the game. Ones such as communicating with the human players across the field, a groove that works for the alliance, how the robots play a role, etc. I know that low quality really irks people, but I think the strategy communicates through that quality.

I would personally pick the Finger Lakes and Alamo regionals. Finger Lakes have great teams coming, and Alamo has a wide field of robots. Both can come up with strategies that can really make it work.

Good luck to your scouting!

I would watch as many as you can so you can pay attention to the one with the most interesting match.

FLR, Alamo, New Jersey, and any Michigan event look best.

It’s often custom to have multiple webcasts pulled up, and jump around to watch interesting matches.

To make it even more fun. Get a group of friends together on Friday. Go online and get the match list and mark notable matches (People on CD might help you out here). And throughout the day, watch the notables and your favorite event.

Personally, I’ll have my eye on Alamo.

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Does anyone have a list of which events are being webcast?

It appears that Code Red plans on webcasting all MI events again this year, see or . BAE is also on the list of regionals from the first link, so I assume that means it will also be webcasted. Beyond that, I don’t have a clue which other events will be streamed.

Does anyone know if there’ll be another service similar to what SOAP GameDay did a few years back this year? (See

FLR is going to broadcasted locally again. I’ll ask my ex record it with her DVR this time so we have game videoo to give to the Blue Alliance.