Best Week 2 regional

Hey people, just a quick question:
Which do you consider to be the best week 2 regional? I mean to say, which one has the best teams and is expected to be the one with the most exciting matches? I wanted to show of the competition and livestreams to some people, but I want to be sure to get best matches

The San Diego regional has 330, 1538, and 987 in attendance. Central Valley has 254, 973, 696, and 3512. Both will likely feature as much action as you can hope to expect from this season’s regionals. If you can only watch one, I would suggest flipping a coin. :rolleyes:

Arkansas will be a good one to watch.

Hard to beat them this week, but I don’t think that any regional will come close to Waterloo in week 4.

1241 and 1285 (both are the same team, and 1241 were world champions last year), 1114, 2056 and 254 (all perennial powerhouses), 4069 (reigning Waterloo winners and 2012 all-stars) and the second tier teams to 1114 and 2056, 1334 and 3683.

I’d say something about 781, but that’d be kind of biased :rolleyes:

I would also include 3476, Code Orange on the list in San Diego. They made it to Einstein last year. I would never flip a coin for this week considering, I am going to be watching three regionals Central Valley, San Diego, and Greater Toronto East.

I definitely agree that Waterloo is going to be the best regional to watch, but the hardest regional to win.

I watch (or try to) watch every regional because you never know who is coming to come out on top! Good luck to everyone in Week 2! ::ouch:: ::safety::

My picks to watch this weekend:
San Diego (330, 987, 1538, 2485, 3476)
Northern Lights (27?, 359!, 1714, 2169, 2512, 2826)
Groton (78, 121, 125, 175, 181, 195, 228, 230, 236, 237, 558, 2067, 2168)
GTR (781, 1114, 1241, 1285, 1503, 2013, 3173)
Crossroads (48, 71, 829, 868, 1024)

I actually think the Groton District will be the best event… no, the absolute top tier at Groton probably can’t compete against that of San Diego, but Groton has an exceptionally strong upper-middle tier. After teams get warmed up on Day 1 (Saturday), expect the tournament to feel more like a DCMP on Sunday morning and afternoon than a week 2 event. Triple assists will probably be very reasonable for a lot of alliances, but will be challenged by a stronger alliance that can do truss-catches effectively.

So, I think the most interesting event to watch may actually be Groton…

I hear there’s a pretty funny little pink robot at Hub City this year that’s pretty cool… :stuck_out_tongue:

Not self-promotion at all.

Surprisingly King Tec isn’t at NL this year. They are across the hall at the Lake Superior regional though!


Really? Interesting. 2169 vs 359 for the Double DECCer finals perhaps? That was an awesome match last year.

How could I forget!

CVR all the way. I can’t wait to see the 1323 machine play some real matches, it’s going to be a sight to see. Here’s to hoping we see a finals with 973, 254, 1323 and 696 all competing in a blaze of glory…

today at the Arkansas regional, during one of the practice matches, us (team 4490), Bomb Squad (Team 16), and the TechnoKats ( team 45) we ran 5 60 point cycles, 45 truss shot, we caught, and 16 hit the high goal. Very smooth and consistent, there was no defense but even still, it went great. We also scored 2 auto balls and everyone moved! I hope to see us pair up again and beat the highscore, watch the Arkansas regional everyone!

Groton, hands down. As someone else pointed out, sure, there’s no 1114 or 118 there, but the number of robots one slight step below the absolute peak is insane. There are at least 10 teams that are all but guaranteed to field a highly competitive robot, and then there’s still 20 more teams that have the potential to show something special, and you know some amount of them are going to.

Sunday is going to be intense. I don’t want to say it’s going to feature massive scores or incredible plays, because there is generally some pretty effective defense up here, but these matches are gonna be really close and really exciting.

Orlando Week 3.

233, 624, 180, 1902, 744, 179, 4451, 1772 (I haven’t worked with them as much this year so I’m not as biased, but man they are good), the list goes on and on and on.

I hate to be that guy, but video/more confirming or it didn’t happen.

If it did then hat’s off to you guys!!

I would also recommend Lake Superior. There are some pretty great teams there!!!

you can watch it at

Totally ok, I would feel the same way, team 45 got it on video so hopefully they will email it to me tonight, if anything I will get it tomorrow, it was pretty cool.

Thanks for the shout-out Kevin!

-Team 237 (Black Magic)