Best wheel for Torque?

I was planning on having very high torque wheels that still have a decent amount of speed for climbing the rope this year. Does anyone know a good wheel type that could fulfill these requirements? I was thinking Plaction Wheels from AndyMark, but I am not sure.:confused:

The amount of torque and speed you get depends on your motor choice and gearing. I don’t believe the type of wheel you choose has anything to do with how much torque you get out.


Try playing with [JVN’s Mechanical Design Calculator](JVN’s Mechanical Design Calculator) in the linear mechanism tab on the bottom of the sheet. You can enter the motor you plan to use, its reduction, the weight it has to lift, and the distance it needs to go and it’ll give you ballpark numbers of how long it will take to lift and how much its capable of lifting.

Well the smaller the wheel, the most torque you have. If you are talking about traction, a pneumatic wheel usually has a lot, but they are usually very large. But the major factor of how much torque you have is your gearbox, which is usually geared around what size of wheels you have. I may be wrong, but most teams decide their wheel size, the speed desired mechanism, then what gearing it takes.

You can use this online tool to model and analyze your motors, gearboxes, and winch size to calculate how long it will take to lift your robot and if you are at risk of tripping the breaker by drawing too much current.

Here is an example