Best Wheels


We’re wondering what the best wheels are… for this game and in general.

The wheels that came in the kit are OK and very grippy but we’re looking for something bigger (10 inch), with very good traction, and probably more able to tackle the barrier, while retaining traction on the bridges.

Here’s a thread from these very forums about people’s favorite wheels:

As you can see, there are varying opinions on what the best wheels are, and a lot of that depends on your strategy or drivetrain. However, a good place to go for basic wheel options would be AndyMark. They sell Omnis, Traction, Plaction, Mecanum, Swerve Modules, Pneumatic, you name it!

It’s tough to define what the best wheels are, but generally drive trains for rookies are made up of some form of traction wheels. While I’m sure 10" wheels are out there, your easiest to find COTS options will be 4", 6", and 8" simply because of the greater availability and more selection. Hope this helps!

Hm we are looking for some 10 inch pneumatic wheels, anyone know where to get them?
AM has 8inch, SkyWayWheels have 12.5 inches…

The new 6inch kit wheels are pretty nice, but small for the bump.

Harbor Freight? Northern Tool?

I saw this:

Though how would one go about interfacing it with the AM sprockets?

You would presumably have to manufacture a hub that interfaces the 4-bolt pattern to the smaller 6-bolt pattern of the AM sprockets. I believe 330 used wheels like this in 2010.

Keep in mind that 6 of them would be 24 pounds…

We are considering just buying the wheel hubs from Andy Mark and going to harbor freight to get the wheels. the it is just a matter of swapping out the hubs (assuming that they are the same size).

Well the ones I was looking at were 10inches, AMs are only 8inch so I doubt those hubs would work together.

We are thinking of using these for the weight savings:

MBS has 9" wheels available.

Only downside is you have to buy parts individuality and it can be pricier.