Best Woodie Flowers Gracious Professionalism Video?

I know Woodie Flowers has done numerous variations of conveying the spirit and message of Gracious Professionalism over the years. I am looking for a good simple and short video to share with my non-FIRST students, to help them see how this way of thinking can be put to use in the engineering classes I teach. Can anyone link me to a favorite from over the years?

I haven’t found it online anywhere (yet), but my personal favorite was Dr. Flowers’ talk at the 1997 FIRST Kickoff. That is my earliest memory of hearing the phrase Gracious Professionalism. It came during a rapid-fire slide presentation. Seemed like he put up fifty slides in 20 minutes, changes timed to sync perfectly with his delivery. As I recall it, Gracious Professionalism was a slide by itself, just those two words spread across a purple background and appearing at the precise instant that he spoke them.

I was able find an old video from the same year, in which Woodie talks about 2.70, the MIT class that the FIRST Competition (now called FRC) was modeled after.

Not specifically about GP, but this Woodie video (from the 2012 kickoff I believe?) is the best one of all time.

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