Best Young Teams

Trust me, it was close. Deciding to do our own gearboxes might not have been the smartest thing, but it was definitely fun and we learned a lot. We didn’t really have a drivetrain until week 3 :yikes:, but it ended up being the most reliable part on our robot.

I’ve heard many people mention this team but for New England I will 100% say 6328. For a second year team, they did absolutely fantastic! I have no idea why they did not get picked at NEDCMP but they sure do deserve some praise.

5927 there not the best but did very well last year just missing out on the state champs and being 5th alliance captains at the FiM west Michigan event last year and winning the west Michigan event this year.

Will definitely second both of these guys, 6705 was an incredibly smooth, well refined scalebot and 6502 was a stupidly quick and versatile shooterbot.

Another team from NC that may be an up and coming powerhouse is 6908, who for their rookie year fielded a pretty decent scalebot.

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Lets just say if someone saw you in an egyptian pyramid, they’d think mummification was successful in resurrecting someone. <3

Thanks to those who thought of us. I’d like to think we started off well and are heading in the right direction. We’re losing our last founding members this year, so hopefully we can continue on the right path.

I’d like to give a shout out to 7039 :x::o: in Israel. This year they were highest rookie seed at all their events (including DCMP and CMP), district event finalists, DCMP alliance captains, and CMP semifinalist alliance captains. They’ve had a great rookie year and I look forward to seeing what they’re capable of in the coming years.

I also want to congratulate 5895 Peddie School Robotics on surviving and thriving in MAR, the oldest region in FRC. Despite this, they captained a district winning alliance, DCMP semifinalist alliance, and CMP finalist alliance their rookie year, won a district as a first pick their second year, and ranked first at a district event this year.

+1 I got into a conversation with one of their mentors in houston that was an alumi of team 27 and he was awesome, he just understood first better than most people. Thier students are also amazing, they have the drive and set a great example of gracious professionalism.

4488 isn’t as young as they used to be, but how many teams can say by their third season that they were the first pick or captain of a two district championship and two divisional finalist alliances. They also had 5 blue banners, including 4 winners and a chairmans.

I would like to add another fellow 58XX team to the mix: 5842 Royal Robotics.

Last year, as only a second year team, 5842 beat 148 to win the Lone Star North Regional. Their robot sported gear ground pickup and a turreted shooter, which was capable of putting up 40 kPa by champs.

This year they built another excellent machine and were unfortunately eliminated in semi-finals at each of their regionals. Their robot had one of the fastest elevators, zippiest drivetrains, and a climb you could blink to miss. Royal was overall great to work with and playing with them in Pittsburgh during eliminations was a ton of fun! Hopefully we’ll see them up North again sometime soon.

Well I would have to say my favorites are from Minnesota
and of course

I was incredibly impressed with 7021 TC Robotics from Arcadia, Wisconsin. They built an incredible robot for a rookie team and helped us win our first blue banner at the Northern Lights regional. Plus they were a really nice group of students and mentors.

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I’m not sure what was in the water that year, but a half dozen teams in the low 5800s have consistently performed well since their rookie year.

6474 has been pretty good since they were started last year.

Giving another shoutout to 6090. They exploded this year, and it was a blast to watch them at Gull Lake and on Tesla. Great to see another West Michigan team doing well on a global level. As far as rookies go, I have to say 7179 was one of my favorites to watch.

Don’t forget the honorary Minnesota team!

5842 Royal Robotics is a great up and coming Florida powerhouse. They took down 148 and almost won a division in their second year. Barely missed champs this year but definitely deserved to go.

Another younger NE team I would like to shout out is 5687 The Outliers. They sure had an interesting robot and were excellent this season when competing. Seriously impressive team.

6817 is a team to keep an eye on. Their structure and outreach as rookies looks like they will be in the running for multiple chairman awards in their future.

7081 made an interesting machine. I’d say they were alright for a week one rookie going for a cube shooter.
6909 had a climber that worked well and consistently; great as far as rookies go.

6886 had an outstanding performance this year as a rookie team. They placed second at not one, but two regionals (and won a well deserved RAS Award) and kept their cool the whole time. They built one of the fastest scale bots at the Greater Kansas City and Heartland regionals and had a scale auto that was more consistent than most at their disposal as well. With only a handful of students and resources they created a great season and I’m excited to see what they can accomplish as they grow, and with a little luck, they may get past quarterfinals next year :D.

5801, another MO team deserves a mention as well. In 2016, they won RAS at GKC. In 2017, they won GKC as the third bot on the 4th seed alliance. This year, they were the finalist captain at GKC, starting from the 7th seed. They fought an uphill battle to finals and they absolutely dominated along the way. Unfortunately they suffered a mechanical issue with their elevator which hurt them in the last round and I think it’s fair to say they may have won it all if that hadn’t happened. Our teams shared a bus down to Houston and the kids are just as great as their bot and I’m ecstatic to see them grow as they have.