Beta? Hrm..... is it really?

Ok… I’ve been using the nice PBASIC 2.0 Beta editor… and to be quite honest I really haven’t had any issues with it whatsoever. No bugs… nothing. So… the big question I have… is what am I missing? Since its beta obviously it has to have bugs (even non-beta stuff has bugs… lol)… anyone had bad experiences with it yet?

Beta really doesn’t have anything to do with how many bugs a piece of software has. Instead, it’s just a designation developers use to tell the public that the software isn’t complete yet. In many instances, the last “beta” version a company realeases is identical to the final “gold” version. The main reason for the beta designation for the Stamp software is that it doesn’t include syntax highlighting, a feature Parallax promised for the official 2.0. Therefore, to keep their version numbers sane, they just slapped an alpha/beta on these pre-releases. They could have just as easily been called “preview” releases.

I know that we had a problem with the beta software, but only with one of the laptops we were using. It seemes that on this laptop, if we ever close the debug window, the laptop would freeze. I don’t know if this was the fault of the hardware or software, however.

One possible place where the PBasic Stamp is faulty is the DO … WHILE … LOOP statements.

Here, the Loop runs continuously unless an if … then EXIT statement is added inside the loop.

Just a heads up.

PS Thanks for the software Rob!!!