BETA Shipment?

So, I filled out the forms that we had received via email about being selected as 2014 BETA Test team and haven’t gotten any information other than an email blast about the form I signed up on not showing the last page properly, but it still receiving the data. That was on July 10th.

Has anyone received any other emails pertaining to shipment, the NDA, or other information about the BETA testing process, because neither me, the BETA team leader, nor have any of my students or mentors received any information. I have emailed FIRST about this as well, just thought I’d ask if I’m not the only one having this experience.

We have not received any additional correspondence.

We haven’t seen anything about the Beta yet beyond what you mentioned. The Alpha website is still active, with the last code update about 2 weeks ago (We still have our Alpha hardware, so we’ve been able to keep working).

Edit: a big e-mail just came through with a bunch of info in it for beta teams!

Yes received email just now, and the disclosure agreement, Hardware looks to be within two weeks.

I got it. All is well that ends in an email.