beta testing source available?

Hello everyone,

I’m coming back to mentor my team, and so I’ve been looking at the information people have been publishing about the new roboRIO. I’m really glad to see the adoption of Eclipse, and that we are moving to Java SE embedded. There was still a whole bunch of information I cannot find, and I was wondering if y’ll can help me with that.

For starters:

  • Have any new templates other than command, IterativeRobot, and SimpleRobot been added?
  • Will there be a java emulator this year?
  • Did you have to install the java embedded tools?
  • Are there any major changes to networking (network tables if I remember) or the vision wrappers?
  • Anything else cool I am missing?

It would be nice if someone could link to me to the new eclipse plugins, or all the source code, but I don’t think that will happen. I’d be ecstatic if someone could send/link me the javadoc.

Wow, its been a long time since I’ve been here. Glad to see stuff still looks the same.


CAN talons! Almost makes me wish I was still in high school!

  1. There are no new templates. However SimpleTemplate has been renamed to SampleTemplate
  2. There is a simulator using Gazebo. There are scripts to set everything up on Ubuntu 14.04.
  3. Beta teams do, but they will hopefully be included by release
  4. NetworkTables hasn’t changed. Vision is still being worked on. C++ examples using NIVision and and a USB webcam were just released.

Beta teams had to sign an NDA to not provide the code or documentation.

Thanks! A simulator will definitely be useful.

As for the Java embedded tools, will they be releasing a linux version of those? The Java 8 ME embedded tools I used were Windows only last time I checked. (I know that we are using Java 8 SE embedded)
Or more likely, we will not need the full set of tools?

An NDA huh? That makes sense. No point confusing people with unfinished code. Looks like I’ll have to wait till January.

I’ve gotten the gazebo simulator working on OSX, so that’s a possibility too.

You can get access to the code by signing up for an account on the WPILib site. They may or may not give you access. Additionally, binaries of all the eclipse plugins/etc are available without restricted access if you know the URL for them.

I’ve got access, and I’m not on a beta team, and didn’t sign an NDA. I’ve been providing access via a private github repository to individuals who are helping out with the RobotPy project.