Bevel Gears...

Hello all,
I have some problems using the design accelerator…
I want to create a bevel gear with 16 teeth to 16 teeth, module 1.5 and face width of 5.5 mm (about 0.22 in)… The program “claims” that the calculation indicates about a design failure… And it’s not true - i have this gear in my hand… What should I do??

I don’t know the real way to get around it but after some experimentation with the design accelerator i found that if you mess with the input values enough in the calculations section it will eventually accept the design. Or i you don’t have the time just say ok to the warning and it will create the bevel gears anyways.

The previous suggestion is close to the mark. Generally the values for inputs such as Horse Power are too high for the smaller gears you use. Reduce this value based on the HP of the motor driving the gear and then recalculate. I also try making the input a very small number such as 0.001 HP just to check if that is the problem.