Beyond FIRST® - After the Competition

Beyond FIRST® - After the Competition

What is your team doing after St. Louis ?
2012 FIRST Championship Robotics Conferences
Thursday 2:00 - 2:45 PM, Room 230

If you have been thinking about what your team can do during the off season then you need to come to this conference presentation. You can learn about how to identify projects that are fun, rewarding, gets the public’s attention, and even learn how to find some money to run your project.

This will help you kickstart your thinking on chasing solutions to real world problems and help you get oriented toward pursuing the FIRST Future Innovators Award.

FIRST conference information is here

If you cannot come to the conference please visit the FRC 1311 pit to see an example of a FIRST Future Innovators Award submission.

( The reason this announcement is here is because even though FIRST put this on the schedule it isn’t in the abstract list. )

I made a note that something was going on Friday 2-3:30 re: the Future Innovators Award.
Do you know where this is posted?

Really ? Can you dig into this ? It would be incredibly inconvenient if they are having a Future Innovators Award event at the same time this conference is going on about this topic ?

This is on the public schedule: FRC Live! with Bill Miller – America’s Center 2nd Level Atrium

Ed, I have dozens of post-it notes re: side events and have no idea why I made a note about this one. Please don’t be concerned. I will let you know IF I find anything.

The conferences are on Thurs. not Friday.

Bill’s Live sessions are scheduled for Thurs. 11, Thurs. 2 and Fri at 11.

I think I may have found it and I was confused.
2-3:30 on Fri. April 27 “Futures Forum, hosted by the St. Louis Science Center”.
But no idea where or who the audience is.