[beyondinspection] 2015 Robot Archetypes

The folks over at beyondinspection are dropping another double feature for your reading pleasure. This time we take a look at the different types of robots we expect to see on the field, and take a small step back in time to talk a little bit about specialization.

[EA] 2015 Robot Archetypes](http://beyondinspection.org/post/109603998810/ea-2015-robot-archetypes)
[HL] Strategy Review: Lap Bots (2008)](http://beyondinspection.org/post/109604018320/hl-strategy-review-lap-bots-2008)

We hope you enjoy the continued content. As build season comes to a close please think of us, and if you are interested in doing a robot profile send us a message. We are also looking for representatives to cover events all over the globe. Thanks!