Bicycle Chain vs #25 HD

It’s not even summer anymore.


Fall CD >>> Summer CD

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it’s never the wrong season to flex your blue banner count win an argument.


Adam has said it well.
With the COTS options available now, using either 25 or 35 chain is good enough.
Back when we used bike chain, we ran a bike program in the school also. Parts were readily available and we have a mentor that was willing to custom make the sprockets as needed.
I think people also forget that years ago, many teams had issues just creating a drive train. I saw many instances where 25 drive chain failed because teams didnt build drivetrains good enough where they were reliable and tensioned properly at all times.
Suppliers were so much harder to source to get what we needed, plus the cost.

But we certainly learned a lot over the years from Team 254 on WCD, like so many others who have also. Our drivetrain reliability has been pretty good to perfect the last 10 years.

Are you referring to Team 1619? They talked with us in the past about using bike chain.
I’m curious if they are still using it? From what you’re describing, sounds like they still do.

I would equate using that setup similar to making your own custom wheels. We’ve done both for many years, but this past season used fat 2" Colsons for the 1st time ever. Whatever works with the time you got to spare, and the capabilities to do so.


Yes, you guessed it

Different hues of different blues. Both teams are extraordinary in their own right, no reason to be comparing two greats and claiming one is lesser.


I think it was a joke…

It was, and it was in response to a “how many blue banners” type of argument… which, incidentally, can be rather silly in the grand scheme of things.

They still use bicycle chain. (They have a great pit demonstration piece.) They have been using chain in tube for a few years. Thus, they had to make their own custom sprockets as Andymark/Vex only started selling double CiT sprockets this season. Thus they just wanted a little stronger chain to avoid breakage.
We (4293) actually used chain in tube this year. Until Andymark unveiled the double sprocket in December were planning to custom manufacture a sprocket. Though that does require a serious machine shop.

Y’all definitely have one of those

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