Bicycle Drive?

Bicycle drive would consist of a swerve module in the front and a free-spinning traction wheel in the back, with the CoG perfect centered on the line connecting the two wheel axles. It would drive like a bicycle.

This seems easy enough to build for some team with a spare swerve module. Has this been done before? If so, anyone have some video of it?:]

Of course, bicycle drive would be useless for a real competition since it tips far too easily and require constant movement to stay upright. Seems like a fun offseason project though, especially on the software side with auto-balancing code.

How would code balance a robot with one wheel in front of the other?

I don’t know for sure, but I think that, using gyros to determine if and how the robot is tipping, you could program it to turn into the direction it is tipping. With a good code and a well balanced robot you could theoretically drive relatively steady with this configuration.

Why not just take a bicycle and attach a servo or VP to the handlebars via a sprocket or gear? Then you just need the gyro and encoder, no swerve modules or anything necessary.

Check the 2008 robot from 1318 Issaquah Robotics Society. They called it the “Killer Rabbit”. It was a lap runner following the same strategy 148 used with Tumbleweed. There is some video of it on The Blue Alliance. As I recall, it struggled with falling over during the first regional they entered, but by the 2nd regional they performed well enough to rank #2. I think it ended up with outriggers to keep the wheels on the carpet when it would tip so it could recover.

An autonomous motorcycle was entered into the first? DARPA autonomous vehicle “grand” challenge (The first of the two (the off-road one) challenges held a few years ago that were intended to give the autonomous ground vehicle industry a big boost).

A little internet searching should turn up info about their methods, and about the general topic.