Bicycle Tires: Are they legal in 2016?

After reading the manual and searching old posts, I couldn’t find anything that, to me, would prohibit the use of pneumatic bicycle tires from being used in the robots for locomotion. I am thinking of a standard, front bike tire of 16-26 inch diameter. Does anyone have insight into this, please? :slight_smile:

Can you show me a rule where it says you can’t utilize a bike wheel?
While a little unorthodox, it’s legal.

Can you find a rule against it?

Just bear in mind that you only have a 120" frame perimeter to work with. This may restrict the size of the wheel that would be viable.

Thank you both so much for your quick replies.
Yes we are keeping and eye on our measurements. Just gathering info for the team for narrowing our design options.


A fat bike would have no problem crossing any outerworks!

Tough to get through the low bar - but go for it!
(oh and, check your wheel base - tippiness…)
rest is solid.

It’s pretty ambitious to try and fit a 16" bike tire into 16" hole, but I guess if you have an incredible driver…

I think they might mean using bicycle tire as tank tread material. There was an FTC team that posted a video early in the season this year showing off bicycle tire in this application and was able to climb the mountain up to the high zone pretty smoothly (a lot of FTC teams had been struggling with this task early on in the season).