Bidirectional Communication over UDP

Hello all,

Our team is wondering what the best way is to communicate between an Arduino on the robot and the driver station. We have looked into using UDP but have noticed that on the FMS White Paper rev.A UDP communication on ports 1130 and 1140 is directional. It is my understanding that UDP by nature is direction-agnostic - our mentor made a comparison to standing on a mountain and shouting and whomever hears it, hears it. Is it possible to communicate back and forth on a single port using two UDP streams and filtering out data that isn’t intended for that listener?

Not entirely true. Your mentor might be referring to UDP broadcast, in which case everyone in “earshot” (subnet) can hear your message.

(S)he might also be referring to UDP on a hub, in which case everyone attached to the hub hears the messages and dutifully ignores them as appropriate.

However, the default usual use case for UDP is from one source machine to a specific target machine.