Big 10 Confrence

Who will dominate the Big 10 Confrence? :smiley:

Ok if you pick michigan you lose hahaha im a michigan fan but they wont dominate haha. state will do it 'cuz they are so awesome. but THE ohio state is awesome too. but hopefully they will lose tonite.

i agree…im a mighigan fan too but yeah i think they wont do so hot this year.
the notre dame/michigan was a good one today. i think notre dame will get far this year (even though 3/4 of the fans are Cubs fans)…Brady Quinn is a really good qb

Call me biased, but I said Michigan.

We’ve had a more than slow start and it’s shown in the past two games. Hart has always been our strong point - so when he got hurt in today’s game versus Notre Dame, more of the weight was on Henne and Avant, who happened to be having one of the most off games I’ve ever seen either of them play.

Michigan had more passing yards, I think we should have utilized our running backs a bit more. Grady and Martin do amazing things when put to task. I’d be surprised if I didn’t see the number of running yards increase by next game.

On the topic of offense, our blockers were equally great.

As for defense, they definitely improved since last week, plenty of good coverage. Now all they need to learn is how to take advantage of opportunities to intercept. There were many times where I was sitting in the Big House, watching a long pass and being like, “OH! Dude, I think he’s gonna intercept it… … … Okay, maybe not…” to the person next to me. But that’s something that can be fixed, as well.

I say the next game will truly be a determining factor in how the rest of the season is played out. Michigan football is known for figuring things out quickly, I have complete faith in the Wolverines. Lloyd Carr knows what he’s doing (even though, I have to admit, I had my moments when I was yelling at him to put Gutierrez in :p).

I hate Notre Dame.

If you dont understand what i mean by that(i know they arent in this conference)…then ugh.

i agree lisa…i still have to say though when it comes down to michigan and notre dame…im a big notre dame fan. today michigans plays were all off it seemed like… didnt they get a new coach for this year?

Personally, I think the off-ness was really due to Henne, Breaston, and Avant, three of our key players, being off. They had great dynamics last week, but everyone has their off games, guess this was it for them. Either that, or losing Hart on the offense in the first quarter skewed their plays in some weird and completely random way. It happens.

And nope, we have Lloyd Carr still. Amazing guy, we would have never made it to the Rose Bowl as much as we have without him.

Yee-haw Court! Brady Quinn is a fantastic QB. And if I get accepted this year, he’ll still be there next year and he will rock some more. Anyone that gets personal instruction from Joe Montana…oh man…they’re good.
I also appreciate the fact that they have a strategy for offense this year.

Yay for being Independent :slight_smile:

I s’pose if we must chose a Big 10 School, I’ve got to go with WI. Yes, they have been pummeling some rather bad football teams, but at least they aren’t beating themselves this year. That’s a start…

I have a feeling its gonna come down to Ohio State vs. Michigan once again this year. After the tough game today I don’t think Michigan loses again, plus I cant stand the buckeyes. Go Blue!

i think it will either be Michigan state vs. Ohio state or Purdue vs. Ohio state. those are my predictions.

MSU has always had a chance, and I’m pretty sure they have an even better one to goto the top this year. The UoM however is pretty much done for the season. I had to work concessions for today’s game vs Notre Dame, and from what I saw, the crowd was not pleased. Every time UM screwed up with the ball in hand in the late game, 10K fans walked out and headed for their cars. Not kidding.

UM seemed to be doing the same things last week, the only thing was that they were playing a MAC team. So the game was decided well before the players took the field.

Of the list, Ohio state and UM are maybe’s. MSU is better however and they get my vote.


PS: UM plays EMU next week. GO EAGLES!!!

Penn State all the way baby!!! Wooohooo! It’s just gotta be our year again sooner or later. With Mills gone, a new line up in line, a hometown boy Kilmer seeing lots of play time - I say it’s my year to follow the Nittany Lion all the way to a bowl game!

Let’s Go P-S-U!

There is no doubt in my mind that it will be Ohio State. They are going to control the Big 10. They just appear so dominant.

were’nt you guys missing like 3 of your starting O-linemen today?

I don’t get it… what will be? Purdue doesn’t even play OSU

UM didn’t help themselves, but the officials lost the game for them. On Henne’s first sneak on the goal-line (before he fumbled) he was clearly in for the score, but they didn’t call it. If they get that score, it’s a tied game with 3:00 left and UM doesn’t even have to convert on 4th down.

At any rate, seeing as Iowa came out really flat today, I don’t see any way not to pick Purdue. They get to miss OSU AND UM. That’s one hell of a break.

You know it’ll be OSU…

i didn’t mean they will actually play them. I think it will be Purdue or OSU fighting for the championship. There is no championship game for the big 10.

and now that OSU lost last night i think MSU will have a better chance now because they will move up in the standings.

OSU looks better than Michigan this year with those recivers. They need to settle on one quarterback though. That two headed quarterback nonsense won’t work. Once they get that settled there won’t be any stopping them.

Just out of curiosity, is this poll rigged? I swear, I voted for Wisconsin last night and no votes have turned up for it yet. It hasn’t even been tabulated, and yet, when I hit back on my browser to make sure that I had voted for WI (which I had) I was not allowed to vote again.

Anyone else having this problem?

Well this poll was created by a Michigan fan (though you’d think they’d disable voting for Ohio State).

dont worry its not rigged lol i like basically all big 10 teams except for ohio state
remember people, nebraska huskers are going to be the best football team this year hehe :smiley: