Big Ball

During our driver tryouts today we poped one of our big balls. we got to thinking that what if this happens in a real match will there be another ball put into play and the popped one removed or will it just be left on the field and and we’re down to 2 big balls on the field. i’m just wondering what everyone thinks will happen in this scenario.

My guess is that the match would be down to 2 large balls…or maybe still 3 (including the popped one), but most people aren’t planning to be able to manipulate a deflated ball. Just my opinion.

I wonder if they would replace it if available. They do have a rule that if large balls leave the field, they will be placed back in play. Not exactly the same thing, but in general they both describe losing a large ball from play.
Seems like their intent is to keep 3 large balls in play as much as possible.
Maybe a question for Q/A system if it’s not been asked already.

I’m also worry about the possibility of referees DQing the team that pops the large balls.
I don’t remember what the rules was in 2001 game which had the big balls also. Because of the intense game this year, I predict a lot of damage balls- small and large.


I am not a FIRST official, but I have plenty of FIRST experience.

If history is used, here is how I expect FIRST to rule this:

  1. The big ball will NOT be replaced during the match. They will most likely still count it as a playing object (good luck manipulating it, though).

  2. Your team will get a warning from the head ref and they will force you to correct the problem that caused the ball to be popped.

  3. If your robot pops another ball (in a later match), you will be DQed and not allowed to compete again until you can demonstrate that you will no longer pop balls.

This is how they handled this situation in the past, so I guess I would expect it to be the same this year. I would ask the question on the Q&A forum, just to be sure.

FYI - According to FIRST on Q/A system, if a 2x ball is unintentionally popped, it will stay on the field deflated, but can still count as a 2x scorer. Nothing about penalties or DQs.