Big Bang! 2022



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Excited to see that Big Bang is back! I will let you know how many TorqueNadoes can be there for set-up and tear down.

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I was just looking for the list I saw of off season events to check when this is and the registration info

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All info above ^

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Hey there. I was wondering if any times were decided for the event on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thanks!

This would be nice to know to schedule time off from work

Agenda 2022.pdf (51.2 KB)


Looking for more teams, come join us

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Have you sent it out to the DADARA Group? I haven’t seen an email about it.

An email went out to all DADARA teams prior to posting anywhere else

247 is hoping to finalize student availability soon for all 3 days so we can support the event and support our fellow DADARA teams!

Do you have the current list of teams going?
We did send our registration in! :slight_smile:

We have not received a registration for 1684 as of yet

Attached is our W-9 and we will accept payment upon arrivalW9 DADARA 2022-06Jun-09.pdf (433.0 KB)

Re-sent the email from my personal account. Maybe it went to spam.

If we’re helping to set up on Thursday what time should we arrive to the event?

Is there a team list yet? Excited to be there this weekend!


around Noon on Thursday

I have a partial team list up on TBA: Big Bang! (2022) - The Blue Alliance. It’ll be updated tomorrow once other teams arrive. Should be around 20 teams total.

If anyone isn’t seeing the event in the TBA app, my advice is to try the website or look up a team that’s at the event (like 280) in the app.

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