Big Changes at FIRSTcast!

Alright everyone, here’s the new format for FIRSTcast:

• 4 Hosts
• 2 Guests
• 2 Hosts interview 1 guest for their each segment
• Rookie Tips become FIRST Tip of the Show
• Roundtable discussions

Typical show format:


FIRST Headlines

Hosts A and B interview Guest A for his/her segment

Hosts C and D interview Guest B for his/her segment

FIRST Tip of the Show

Roundtable discussion/debate with JVN and Karthik, you pick the topic and these knuckleheads will fight to the death (or maybe til they’re out of breath) over it. This is them uncut and unseen anywhere online before, you don't want to miss this, we got a sample in our studio and all we can say is Wow is it fun to hear.



Now some people have expressed concerns about a rigid structure, this is just a guideline for us to follow. We wouldn’t dare cut off our zany antics.

Also I’m sure you’re all wondering who the fourth host is. Well, Conor is taking some time off the show so we actually have two new hosts for you. First is former guest and Sparky 384 Alumni Joseph Matt, and the second is another former guest, and co-host of the roundtable debate with Karthik, JVN!

Keep listening,

Thanks Matt, Adam, and Conor for the opportunity to work with you guys! Episode 4 is my first piece of work, so I hope everyone likes it! Can’t wait till episode 5!

I thought episode 4 was ok :slight_smile: , although you could make it longer, as there is so much more in FIRST to talk about.

The thing you need to remember is that a.) we are in the off-season b.) we think the optimal time of an episode is around 30 minutes under normal circumstances c.) more content means more to edit :eek: d.) if we all do it now, then what about future episodes? :cool: