BIG Cheesecake?

Anyone trying to come up with a cheesecake for L3 Habs? Just curious. Is it even possible!

Yes do a flip


Possible? Yes.
Are the extra points gained worth the engineering and implementation challenge? No, you should spend those resources on making your robot better.

Something like a L3 HAB Mechanism takes a ton of packaging, and implementation difficulties that I doubt you would be able to make a cheesecake that can work on any decently functional robot. You may see special attachments that aid in the carrying of a robot to L3 but definitely not standalone mechanisms.

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Considering the amount of space on there, I’d rather “cheesecake” it onto our own bot!

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Given a dual tow truck lift mechanism, isn’t the cheesecake a strong pickup frame that attaches to a standard frame all the is needed for each of the cheesecake-ees?

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It’s possible but as previously stated it’s not really worth it. Most robots are vastly different which is why cheesecaking mechanisms either have to be fairly small with a L3 would not be or you would have to strip out some other functionality of a robot. I’m pretty sure this would also count towards your withholding so I would not recommend throwing away your withholding for that.

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