Big CIM Motor Specifics

Hey as a rookie team we were wondering if it is OK to remove the gear tensioner and spring from our CIM motor so all we have left is the motor’s shaft? We think we read somewhere that it is OK to do, but cant find it again.

Also…on the Big CIM motor are we allowed to tap our own threaded holes for a custom mount, or should we extend the motor screws in order to mount it…In other words how do we mount the big CIM motor?

i love simple questions…

yes you can remove the pulley and idler from the big cim motor.

yes you can tap the holes to mount the motor.

<R36> So that every robot’s maximum power level is the same, the motors in the kit may not be modified in any
way, except as follows:
• The mounting brackets and/or output shaft/interface of the motors may be modified to facilitate the
physical connection of the motor to the robot and actuated part.
• The gearboxes for the Fisher-Price, and Globe motors are not considered “integral” and may be separated
from the motors. FIRST will not provide replacements for parts that fail due to modification.
• The electrical input leads on the motors may be trimmed to length as necessary.
The intent is to allow teams to modify mounting tabs and the like, not to gain a weight reduction by
potentially compromising the structural integrity of any motor. The integral mechanical and electrical system
of the motor is not to be modified