Big Dude Shirt Trade

I have had a lot of requests for this and since I am a “Big Dude”, I figured I would be the one to start the thread. It can be quite difficult for us Large People to trade shirts. So, if there is anyone out there who would like to trade a XXXL T-Shirt for a XXXL Truck Town Thunder, FRC Team 68, T-Shirt. Please feel free to reply to this thread. I would greatly appreciate it. I would really like to diversify my T-Shirt Collection. I have had two quilts made from the T-Shirts I have been able to trade for but I always get shirts from the same teams.

Thank you all for the consideration.

Me and a few other of our tall members have been wearing XXL shirts because length. I wonder if that would work.

Id love to get my hands on a truck town shirt. I should have a 66 shirt that I would trade for.

Oh my goodness, a 66 shirt would be awesome. I’ll bring it to Bedford for the trade. Thank you so much.

Sounds good

I’m a big dude! Anyone want trade big-dude sizes at Champs? I wear a 3XL-tall or 4xl. I have new 3098 2XL shirts for trade or used 3XL-tall shirts. I’m down to trade with anyone. Just let me know!