big jump, up to 131

Just thought I’d get a recount. there has been a large number of new members sign up and now we are up to 131 never posers. What’s up with that? Maybe we should flood them with emails. Everyone pick a nonposter and email them this page. That would be funny.

please don’t go spamming all the non-posters…

I’ll take care of the people who dont come back. They will get deleted if they dont respond within a certain amount of time, dont worry.

oh, and the sudden rush of accounts was expected, by the way :slight_smile:

I was really joking. I wouldn’t do that. That would be neither gracious nor professional. I just thought it would be funny. How many more members do you think wil register? I know that as the season gets closer the numbers will go up, but how high do you think they’ll get?

the big jump was because of team 500. they had 27 people sign up on the 18th. actually i beleave that 1 person did all that because they are all listed as advisor for the team role.

I still say Carolyn doesn’t have a life.

how was the sudden rush of accounts expected?

if i told you, i’d have to kill you :stuck_out_tongue:


well then, since you wont have to kill me, do tell…
and even if you do have to kill me, well tell anyways - ill just have to remember to avoid you at all costs at nats any other comps

Then you’d have to avoid me too because I am good at hooking people up at nats. See, I find you, tell you someone is looking for you, and lead you to the Chief Delphi pit. :smiley:

Absolutely treacherous, but fun too.

basically, it was a group of people (as David pointed out, team 500) who wanted to do a mass-register, and then give username/logins to the users at a meeting.

thats how it was expected.

but thats not fair…pretty much whenever i wasnt with the rambots i was with youre team

Oh yeah…

Looks like I won’t be turning you in after all.

*Originally posted by EddieMcD *
**I still say Carolyn doesn’t have a life. **

Why do you say that? Could it be because after I get home from work and/or hanging out with friends somewhere I go online and post on cd for like an hour or 2? This is my relaxing time. Besides, oce my classes start I don’t think I’ll be posting so much.

I’m trying to get caught up with some of you, because I just started posting. I’m taking summer classes, so most of posting is between the hours of 12 and 2/3 and night/morning. Well you get the idea (hope) well the point to this whole statement was that even when your classes start, Carolyn, you can still post, you’ll just have to get less sleep. Besides, who need sleep anyway? j/k

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Besides, who need sleep anyway?

gotta agree with that one

sleeps for the weak

I already get very little sleep. Between working, going out, jogging, and soon school, there is very little time left over. Once I find a team and the season starts, that will take the place of going out.

What’s sleep, and where can I download it?

Quote Copyright of Ed McDonnell, 2001

*Originally posted by EddieMcD *
**What’s sleep, and where can I download it?

Quote Copyright of Ed McDonnell, 2001 **

It’s that thing that happens when you get comfortable and your eyes stay closed for awhile. You can get it from a pillow. BTW, that thing where you sleep with your book under your pillow and learn the material doesn’t work.

What if you sleep with a datanode hooked to your head?

You try it and let me know if it works.