BIG NEWS! - Regional Awards?

Have you guys seen see the Competition Team Update #4?

"Coming soon, an update from Autodesk on the Autodesk Visualization Award at the Regional level."

Somewhat cryptic, but I’m getting a warm fuzzy feeling!:smiley:

Still, I cannot wait. Yet, even if they do not bring back regional awards this year, people have started to make a rather good substitute.

New updates (#6):

takes you to below:

looks like you have to choose which reginal you want to compete in and then you choose one student representative to vote. Wouldn’t everyone just vote for their own? I am going to have to read it again more closely, I must be missing something.


You arent allowed to vote for your own. You need to judge each one based on a set of criteria they give you.

OOOHH!!! Im so happy!!! Its the thing I like most about FIRST! They always seem to come through in the end!!:smiley: :smiley:

I think you should all give yourselves a big high-five.

Nice job!

That makes more sense. So at Nationals–if you’re one of the top 5 finalists-- you can vote for yourself, but not at Regionals. That had confused me.


Yay! now if our team actually submits an animation this year (…I’m trying, ok :P), I will be able to be there to compete in a regional one, because that’s the one I’m only able to go to due to financial problems for my family. I can’t wait to see who wins, both in the regional I go to and the nationals (which I won’t be there to see, sadly :().

According to the rules:

  1. When your team submits their entry on Autodesk FIRSTbase, they will be asked to select a primary regional event. Each team will only be able to compete for this award in their primary regional event. This is a change from previous years where teams were able to compete in multiple regional events.

I have a question of what constitutes the primary event. The robotics team is going to two regionals. When we signed up for the first regional, I think they consider that our Primary. Does the same follow for animation? Would we be able to send our animation to the second regional as long as we pick that one when we do our entry? Or do we have to register for the first regional like the robotics team?


  1. When your team submits their entry on Autodesk FIRSTbase, they will be asked to select a primary regional event.

The rule you quoted describes what a primary regional is…