Big problem

Our victors and spikes dont run when we run our code. the light also keeps blinking. we have tried re-imaging the cRIO multiple times and sometimes it works after we reimage but then stops the next time we want to run the code. Does anyone know why this is happening.

It sounds like you need to deploy your code upon start-up. Go to the NI and FIRST forum websites where it is discussed. You are running your code in memory. That means you need to download each time the cRio is powered up.

We do deploy the code every time we start up. We have not saved it to the cRIO yet. When i deploy the code i can see the voltage feedback of the pot but nothing else works

I think you are a little confused. There are differences between "deploying code to run on start-up"and deploying code every time you start the cRio. Learn how to do both.

As far as the problem you have, have you performed all of the mandatory updates to the cRio image? There was a Labview update about 2 weeks ago that requires anew cRio image.

We have all the updates and have re-imaged the cRIO. It worked before on and off but now it doesn’t work at all. Could it be our sidecar is bad?

Our victors and spikes dont run when we run our code. the light also keeps blinking.

Check your digital sidecar connections. If you look in the manual for Victors, you’ll find that blinking lights mean no PWM signal. This is independent of whatever code you do. If I remember correctly from our benchtop test over Thanksgiving Break, so long as the digital sidecar is powered, these lights should stop blinking.

What light is blinking and at what rate?

What does your driver station say on it next to Status and Battery?

The drivers station says no code and the Victors are blinking like they aren’t getting a signal from the PWM’s.

It would appear that you have either no code or faulty code on your cRIO then.

Have you tried loading code since the last time you re-imaged or is the default image code on the robot?

We have reloaded the code. We always deploy the code from the computer because we have not saved it to the cRIO. Our code has run before and we have not changed it.

If the Driver’s Station says “No Code” then the cRIO does not have working code running on it.

If you are running the code using the white arrow in Labview the computer must remain connected to the cRIO for the code to continue to run.

If after your code finishes downloading, the Driver’s Station still says “No Code” I would try reimaging your cRIO and verifying that the Driver’s Station connects properly to the cRIO with the default code.

But the driver station says no code but i can still read the feedback of the pot

Where can you see this feedback?

If it says No code, it’s a pretty clear sign that your main code is not running. Again, where do you see the voltage feedback?

Is this LabVIEW code or C++? If LabVIEW, how are you running it? You need to run the Basic Main VI in order for things to start properly. Make sure you aren’t trying to run just the Autonomous Independent VI, for example.

I am using LabView and i made a icon on the Front Panel where i can see the voltage. I know it is working because it changes. I am running the Robot Basic but i don’t think there is a problem with the code since we have ran the same code before (I could be Wrong).