Big Red Button

Anyone know where I can find a big red emergency stop button(mushroom head)? The only one I can find is 60 bucks.

well why dont you buy a big black button, then paint it red, it might be cheaper.

Why don’t you search and see if your questions has been answered before? See post by TangoBravo1318. I’m sorry to sound abrupt, but you really should search first. You’ll get your answer a day or two earlier too!

BIG buttons cost BIG bucks, like maybe $30. You can probably find a little red alternate-action (maintained contact) pushbutton switch for a few dollars from DigiKey or maybe Radio Shack.

We have a big red button, not as fancy as the ones first uses. They aren’t switch action or mushroomhead but its still a big red button.

We got it at a local electronics supply store for 5 bucks and its a alternate action (push once for on, push again for off) red pushbutton switch.
Very very nice:)

Look in digikey, mouser, parts express, jameco, other electronics catalogs they have them.

If you really wanna splurge and buy the big fancy ones they are quiet pricey

I described our dongle there and included the Digikey part numbers and page numbers for digikey buttons. Check the catalogue and get the style you want, though. The full thing is about $15, but what I did is I just bought the button itself (no switch mechanism - that’s another $6 or so) and just attached a spare computer switch I had lying around.

Just beware: Digikey has a minimum order price of $25 - anything below that, you have to pay a $10 (might be $5) surcharge. You’re better off finding out $10 worth of electrical components your team wants. Either way you pay $25.

try ebay. U can often find new used stuff like a big red button there really cheap. Also try various surplus places. WE just have a big industrial sized 3 position selector switch (disabled, on, auto). Its in a plastic enclosure with an explosion proof connector(lol).

her are a few ebay auctions u might check out:

Look to the suppliers of industrial electricians. (“Yelow Pages” ?) They have the “real” “EMERGENCY STOP” type of buttons.

They have switch/actuator(the button, handle, or whatever) modules for reasonable prices (“each sold separately”), and the actuator mechanisms are built really TOUGH: big aluminum buttons for mounting in panel holes of 1"+ Diameter, for example. These are made to be operated by workers with work gloves on.

The actual switches are not a lot more expensive than the microswitches at Future/Active, and they fit with no jury rigging. The choice of momentery or “locking” is part of the actuator, while the switches are momentary single Pole NO or NC. Often, there is room for three switch modules on the actuator, although you’d only need one switch for KILL (unless you need another switch for a light in the pushbutton ‘for extra money, but oh so cool’ :D).

The inexpensive lines are still quite rugged compared to the typical “electronics” type of switch you get at RS, and the variety of actuator types is amazing: want a kill switch you need a key to re-enable your robot ?

And, you can get little plates that install under the actuator which say things like EMERGENCY STOP, JOG RUN, and other humorous sayings.:slight_smile: