Big Thanks from 1533 at Peachtree

The programmers from team 1533 Triple Strange offer our deep and sincere thanks to the following teams for their assistance in diagnosing our software:

1746 Forsyth Alliance - OTTO
590 Chahta Warriors
2420 Robojackets
1771 Global Agenda
1848 SOUP (Jeremy)

These teams sent programmers, mentors, and coaches to help us out with what turned out to be a heap of subtle programming and interface errors. They each approached our problem as if it was their own, matching and sometimes surpassing our enthusiasm and urgency. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your generosity with your time and your talent will not be forgotten. It’s been a pleasure to work with you, and with any luck it’ll be a pleasure to play with you and against you as well. See you in Match 55, bright and early on Saturday.

Looking forward to more Lunacy,
Steve Janesch
Programming and Electronics Mentor
Team 1533 Triple Strange

Well, I am not from those teams, I can personally vouch for their gracious professionalism.

  • Mr. Foleo(1746), the mentor who won the Volunteer Award, probably came and helped you with the programming. Mr. Foleo helped us, and our relatively fresh programming team on several occassions, and there was probably no one more deserving in those stands. Not to mention they also let us use their field for practice.

  • Mr. Martin, from 1771, was also probably one of the men who stepped out of his way to help your team. He has always presented a new and innovative twist to a FIRST challenge, and it was no doubt that he deserved the Woodie Flowers Award.

  • 1848, SOUP has always been a strong contendor when it comes to helping other teams. While we have never closely dealt with them in the past, we are always watching them rank really well, and they always put a competitive robot on the field.

This is not your rookie year, so I can’t say “Now you know GA hospitality”, but in FIRST, you will find help wherever you need it.