Big Thanks to 27 and 469

A want to give a BIG thank-you to team 27 (Team RUSH) and team 469 (Las Guerillas) for being the best alliance partners we could ever have. You guys were great to work with, and I’m glad everything worked out so well. Prior to picking, we felt that this alliance would be our ideal alliance, and it made me very pleased when it worked out that we got both of you.

Also, thanks and congratulations to all of the other teams at the IRI. Thanks for making this competition as great as it is (really my favorite event of the year). The elimination matches really couldn’t have been any more exciting than that. Whew.

Thanks also to the organizers for making it such a great event.

See everyone next year.


Thank you and your team ! ! ! Our small ("friends of Team Rush… school issue thing) group had nothing but great things to say about Team 308 & 469 and the IRI competition. Thanks again! !

I would like to congratulate teams 308,27, and 469. great job, great bots, and a speciall congrats to the “Friends of Team 27” who went through alot to get there