BIG thanks to 945 and 1902!!!!!!!!

so at the florida regional,
we were sitting in 11th place during the alliance selections, and got moved up to 8th, then 945 picked us, and then 1902…

It was so much fun playing with Bacon and Bananas:D

they were both sooooooooo cool and made it so much fun to play in the elims…

next year:I cant wait-we NEED to play with each-other again:D

Even though we lost both quarters’ matches, we still put up a good fight for it:D


ps.Bacon-we’ll see you guys at Alanta;)
pss.Bananas-I wish you guys could come to Atlanta…congrats on the spirit award!!!

gorrilla, huge congratz to your team for Chairmans. See you in Atlanta!

that was actually the first time we;ve ever submitted a chairmans award:D

i still cant believe it, lol

our new mentor Pat Arnold(formaly 1523) convinced us to do it, lol:D

it was almost too much fun…

That’s awesome dude. Very impressive for a first time submission :slight_smile:

way to go on the first time submission. you should be very proud!!
Good luck guys!!

No, thank you guys for playing with us and being great alliance partners. From the practice day I knew we’d be destined to play together in the elims and it worked out. Losing off the penalty was tough but we sure did put up a great fight and I have no complaints. Thanks for everything and good luck in Atlanta!