Big Thanks to Lansing Volunteers and Teams

Thank you to all of the volunteers at the Lansing event! It was a real pleasure working with you all. Also, thank you to all of the teams. You all showed gracious professionalism throughout the event. It made the first Lansing event a real success. We hope you all had a good time and hope to see you next year. Good luck for the rest of the season!

Brian and Alanna Musser


Thanks to you and Alanna for putting together such a great event!

Lansing had a great group of Volunteers & teams!

Thanks also to the folks at FiM. It must have been a lot of work setting up the new venues for the District events and they have done a good job.

The Lansing event ran smoothly, with very few field related issues. They certainly have done a good job of getting those worked out. I especially like how they got every machine out on the field on Thursday evening to head off prevent issues on Friday.

Our students were all excited to see the Governor, Dean Kamen, Paul Gudonis, etc.

When everything runs smoothly and all you have to think about is the robot and the competition, its easy to take things for granted. We are all indebted to the volunteers that made this all possible.

Thanks again!