Bigfoot!?? O.O

Rick Jacobs, a hunter from Pennsylvania, claims that he has taken a picture of Bigfoot. The animal on the picture certainly does not look like a bear. The photo of Bigfoot by Rick Jacobs was posted on the website of the Bigfoot Research Organization (yes, there is one) and according to one of the members of the organization, the photo appears to be one of a juvenile Sasquatch.

Rick Jacobs took the picture in the Allegheny National Forest by using a camera with an automatic trigger, although the exact location where in the Forest the pics were taken is being kept secret to avoid the thousands of Bigfoot fans, who would show up in search of the mystical creature. The Pennsylvania Game Commission says that they often see picture like this and it seems to be a bear with a severe case of skin disease. An online sportsbook once offered odds on the existence of Sasquatch, but the prop was canceled due to lack of interest. Now with Jacob’s Bigfoot, we may see those weird odds pop up again.


I believe in bigfoot, but that does not look like one to me. If anything that would be a chewbacabra. (at most). Sorry, but I need DNA or something. I think that most of the readers on here tech savvy to know how easy it is to set up a photo with photoshop. If I recall correctly, this last year we had picture clues that got disected. We found things that, though interesting, were not that useful. I challenge all of you that have those abilities, to disect this image as if it was a clue. Let’s either prove this picture to be real, or let’s disprove it. I would like to see what everyone can do with it.

Could be lynx or bobcat. Since the scale appears to be the same in both photos, the animal is only a few inches taller at the shoulder than the bear which appears to be 24-30 inches. Although, my first thought was chimpanzee, even if one was present, it wouldn’t be on the ground after dark.

ive already taken a look at it, it wasnt photoshopped

“simpsons did it”

kudos points to who catches whats thats from…

south park? :smiley:


Did they have any beef jerky with them? then they could have messed with Sasquatch. You know, offer him a ride in your car but drive away as he gets to the door.

Wow. Bigfoot Research. o_O Is it even that serious?

Hey! I want my Halloween costume back! :stuck_out_tongue:

no, im right, it was the one where butters tries to be evil but only comes up with ideas simpsons already did… proof:

He’s referring to the Internet Board Meeting video…


I have seen this in another business meeting…

Yes, but if I’m bent over on all fours, the way a “sasquatch” would have been in that picture, I am little more than 30 inches tall at the shoulder myself. That thing also has a very defined hunch in it’s back.

odd that the camera in the foreground of the picture is different in the “Bigfoot” shot. Kind of indicates to me that somebody came in and moved the camera in the 30 minute period between the shots. I’d guess it was the guy in the gorilla suit.

Isnt it amazing that you never get a clear shot of anything in these cases? (Except baby bears)

of course if you really want to see Bigfoot you come to Brunswick Eruption this Saturday. He will be directing the refs in center field…

( I know- he’s not Bigfoot- just a Wookie)

WC :cool: