Hey, if you want to see something cool follow this link to our robot video

(it is a video of our robot)**http%3a//

Nice :yikes:

Very Nice,
Only a lifter eh?:yikes:

reminds me of 60 in 2002.

Forklift? First time I’ve seen one of those.

Nice job. I get the feeling that that it’s going to be effective.

hey, me again

the video was taken last week and since then we have added a few things. so just in case you wanted to see the updated version here it is.

HOLY ****

when the power goes off, will they lock? or fall because the motor has no resistance

no the forks will not fall because they have a racheting system that does not release until it comes in contact with a key that will be attached to our wrists.

That looks really great. :slight_smile:

also, it might interst you to know that if a robot is disabled for any reason we can pick up that robot and take it back to our home zone as long as it is on our team. we have contacted FIRST and they have responded saying that picking up disabled robots is allowed by the rules as long as it is on the same team as the lifter.