Biggest FRC Saves


I’ve been wondering about the biggest saves in FRC history, with the one I remember most being 2018 Detroit Einstein Finals 1. As this isn’t something that can be searched through The Blue Alliance, I’d like to hear some stories. Thank you


beach bots 2016 einstiens… not quite sure what you mean by saves. comebacks? on field fixes? 4911 put their intake back in place by running into the switch in pnw DCMP in 2018. 4488 climbed last second to get a buddy climb in a quals match in 2018 glacier peak to tie against 1983


Yeah beach bots tops em’

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Can I nominate my team?




Like 2016 Beach Bots, can’t believe I forgot about it at the time

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That’s awesome


I’m referencing saves such as an alliance partner lifting their partner back up, or Beach Bots getting back up themselves.


2830 pushing us onto hab 1 to win Midwest. There was no way for us to get fixed before the next match, so they were the ones that truly saved not only us but our alliance. Thanks to that they were able to get our first 3peat into gear


Turing Semis 1 Match 2, 3512 getting picked up by 2231 was pretty insane, even though the match was a loss by that time.


Two that come to mind are:

3538 lifting a tipped 67 who went on to double climb

254 pushing 5885 onto the platform while shooting high goals


I’m pretty sure that 33, 67, and 3538 had it down :laughing:
But these are great cases that I haven’t seen

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340 tips 191 back up right out of auto at Central New York 2018

340 and 708 clutch climb at Champs 2018 (340 was not hooked in, but instead just sitting on the square rail)

340 clutch ball and climb at Champs 2019

340 clutches 3 gears within about 10 seconds in order to get the fourth rotor in quals

In my opinion, these were the best highlights/saves/clutches that 340 has had over the past few years. Sorry for the big self-promo.


One of my favorite relics here… before the days of bumpers and G20 calls


Awesome, these are some saves I would’ve been hard pressed to find. But I was there for the Central New York one


At the Ontario Provincial Championship Technology division, 5406 pushed 1285 onto Hab 1 to get the RP.


i would say 6128 getting saved from flipping while getting hab 2 by 4001


Does anyone have the video of 4678 re-righting themselves this year? They did it multiple times after tipping and it was definitely incredible to watch,


Have you ever seen the 1999 National Championship Semifinal?