Biggest Home-Team Shellackings In Regional History

As we were doing awards at Palmetto, I did a little counting and 43 of the 64 teams there were South Carolina teams. (Palmetto is the only regional in South Carolina, though a couple South Carolina teams–I know 1293 and 4533, maybe others–did head elsewhere.)

The Championship qualifying list ended up like this:

Chairman’s: 4481 (The Netherlands)
EI: 4013 (Florida)
RAS: Not awarded (three rookies competed, all from SC)
Winner: 5472 (Florida)
Winner: 2614 (West Virginia)
Winner: 2383 (Florida)
Winner: 3140 (Tennessee)
Wild Card 1: 125 (Massachusetts)
Wild Card 2*: 343 (South Carolina)

*2614 is a Hall of Fame team, so we had an extra Wild Card.

To be crystal clear: I don’t hold it against anyone for coming to an event and taking their best shot. I know people on a lot of these teams, and they certainly deserve what they earned. But has there been a regional where the visitors captured that many of the golden tickets?

Rocket City 2016 and 2017 were also like this. In both cases only a single Alabama team received a bid, despite the event being the only Alabama regional.

Rocket City 2017 (Every team that received a bid except two is from Florida)

Chairman’s: 4013 (Florida)
Engineering Inspiration: 180 (Florida)
RAS: 6396 (Florida)
Winner: 179 (Florida)
Winner: 180 (Florida)
Winner: 3959 (Alabama)
Wildcard 1: 79 (Florida)
Wildcard 2*: 2783 (Kentucky)

*180 had already won a regional and generated an extra wildcard.

Rocket City 2016

Chairman’s: 1902 (Florida)
Engineering Inspiration: 4013 (Florida)
RAS: 5858 (Alabama)
Winner: 16 (Arkansas)
Winner: 118 (Texas)
Winner: 3490 (South Carolina)
Wildcard 1*: 364 (Mississipi)
Wildcard 2**: 4188 (Georgia)

*118 had already won a regional and generated a wildcard.
*16 had already won a regional (and is a HoF team) and generated another wildcard.

Someone could take a look at PCH 2008. As I recall it was pretty rough, but it turned around in 2009, if memory serves me correctly. It was a bit of a wake up call.

RE: Alabama - that state, with a few noted exceptions, is relatively new to FRC and has a lot of growth ‘opportunity’. It would be expected that Rocket City will be dominated by outsiders for a while.


One event that comes to mind is the 2013 Finger Lakes Regional, though the upsets didn’t quite match your Palmetto event.
Team 340 had won the FLR Chairman’s Award for five straight seasons, but Team 2809 came down from Kingston, Ontario and snagged the honor.
A strong group of culture mavens from Maryland made the trip up to Rochester that year. Team 1111 won Engineering Inspiration, and team 4505 won the Rookie All-Star.
The playoffs were a different story. Only six out of the 24 teams were out-of-staters, and team 48, from Ohio, was the only one to advance to the finals.

But I’ll never forget the surprise I felt to see Greater Rochester Robotics temporarily dethroned. And New York teams had won Engineering Inspiration in all but one of the seasons since the Finger Lakes regional began, to that point.

I’ll never forget that feeling either. We kinda knew it was coming once we won Engineering Excellence but it still hurt. It was the only year I was on the team that we didn’t qualify for champs.

Ditto on the “new to FRC” thing, Great Northern this year had all but 4 as out of state teams, and only one of the qualification spots (RAS) went to an in state team. Seems a bit obvious in hindsight, after all this as effectively a MN regional. However, if you look at a 100 mi. radius of the regional many of the awards went to local-ish teams, couple that with team distribution and it’s not bad.

EDIT: Billfred isn’t wrong though, all those teams that earned slots are nowhere near local.

In 2008 the following awards went to non-Georgia teams. 2008 was a shellacking!

Engineering Inspiration
Rookie All-Star



Autodesk Visualization
Delphi ’ tomorrow’s technology’
GM Industrial Design
Team Spirit

In 2009, Georgia turned around this shellacking and earned the RCA, EI, RAS, and 2 of 3 winners, plus a few more awards.

Capitalizing on this turnaround, Governor Sonny Perdue, has the Georgia teams that earned those awards, participating in a bill signing ceremony to give a pay raise to STEM teachers. Building upon that foundation…progress continues.

The coming Texas Invasion of the Colorado Regional during week 4 forebodes ill to local teams. Four of the teams coming in (118, 148, 3005, 2848) ranked 1st through 4th in Dallas last week. We will also see 1011, 1730, 3374, and 4153, among others, who will come from out of state with high power levels. We may end of getting shellacked.

Fortunately, 1410 already won their blue banner at the Utah Regional, and 1619 is ready to kick butt in Hub City this week. 4388 also looks strong, and my team is adjusting after our loss in Utah to make our bot stronger. We hope to give those carpetbaggers a run for their money in the Mile High. Maybe they’ll all perform poorly due to oxygen starvation (except 1011 and 3374). Who knows? :wink:

Technically speaking 5030 was the only CNY team to grab a bid. But we only have I believe 5 teams considered in Central. But it was cool to have so many upstate teams get in from our event.

We promise our intentions were pure! For 3005’s part, we simply had too much fun hanging out and getting to know a bunch of CO teams last year to not go back one last time ahead of districts coming to TX next year. We’re definitely excited to see so many of our TX friends there and to again play with/against our new CO friends in 1339, 4499, 3729 and many others.

I know that you know it’s all in good fun. 1339 had so much fun working with your team last year, and I am genuinely excited to see my friends again. Consider yourselves invited to our after-party again!

Congrats on doing so well in Dallas, BTW. I enjoyed watching you. Your bot is an analog of ours, so it was nice to see another success from a similar design.

We’re pretty hyped up considering this regional has more bots that directly compliment us

For Pearadox, it’s our 4th year and I wanted to take our founding members, all seniors now, somewhere fun. A couple of logistic headaches with our school district made it so the only feasible option for us was to travel with 118 who’s kind enough to share some room on their bus for us. We were very lucky to get in, and look forward to seeing so many new and great teams in Colorado!

Montreal 2018:

RAS : 6902 from brazil
Chairmans : 1772 from brazil
EI : 5553 from france
Winner : 359 from hawaii

This will continue to happen until everyone has districts.

  1. There isn’t enough regional capacity in some states with regionals, causing teams to have to travel to play. (See 1678 and 254 this year)
  2. If you can play a week 1 or 2 regional before your district event, you get a free* chance to qualify for champs and a tune up event before playing your first in district event. Teams who choose to take this route are probably higher performers, and thus more likely to take home awards.
    • not actually free.

Something something SC should go to districts something something.

This is probably the worst ever, especially considering the proportion of SC teams. PCH in 2008 only had 26 of 45 teams as in-state competitors.

Note that 115 has NO California Regionals, travelling to Utah and Idaho.

Utah Regional looks like it was largely a shutout for Utah teams, with only 3230 and 6844 qualifying. However, there were several Rocky Mtn region teams that also qualified.

I don’t know about 399, but 1678 was forced to travel to Utah to find a third regional because many out of state teams entered the California regionals in the first round of registration. In the short run, the system needs to be fixed; in the long run CA needs to go to districts.

No one even came close to beating 1114, 1503, and 3492 at the 2011 Pittsburgh regional