Biggest Home-Team Shellackings In Regional History

Las Vegas 2017 was pretty close.

Winners - 1678 (CA), 1538 (CA), 2637 (CA)
RCA - 2485 (CA)
EI - 148 (TX)
RAS - 6519 (Vegas!)
Finalists - 968 (CA), 148 (TX), 118 (TX)

the WFFA winner was also from 1772 Brazil.

Do we know if the reason they have no Cali events, is because they couldnt get it as their higher priority choices? I know this team has historically done SVR.

Hope they get their robot and trailer back…

But I think there are only 4 teams in the state of ND. 3 made eliminations. ND teams took home 4 awards. The state may be small in FRC numbers but big in talent.

Palmetto 2017 hands down…

HOF team 359 comes all the way from hawaii to take the Safety Award from the 17 time winners in team 1319.


On the one hand, if Flash is at an event and someone else wins the Safety Award, they freakin’ earned it.

On the other hand, 45 of 62 teams were SC teams (72.5%), and 6 of 9 Championship spots (66.7%) stayed home. That’s pretty reasonable, especially considering the Chairman’s winner took home the clock.

Chairman’s: 2614 (WV)
EI: 3008 (HI)
RAS: 6366 (SC)
Winner: 3824 (TN)
Winner: 359 (HI)
Winner: 1319 (SC)
Winner: 6366 (SC)
Wildcard: 1553 (SC)
Wildcard: 1287 (SC)
Wildcard: 283 (SC)

Judged awards are often hard to…judge. (Too on-the-nose?) The beauty of the safety program is the addition of the safety hard hat awards which are effective runner up recognitions. It helps reinforce the need for everyone to take it seriously. Though I wish they’d show that “award” on blue alliance and FIRST websites. They should also show the Safety Star of the Day awards since those are great accomplishments as well.

I can’t explain what happened in Palmetto this year with few SC teams winning judged awards. i thought for sure 343 would win an award for their intake/cube delivery system. It was very creative and effective.

I can say that a district system in SC would lead to HUGE growth in SC teams winning awards. Is that a bit of a :deadhorse: though? :smiley:

I think it’s worth mentioning 2010 North Carolina.

The only awards won by NC teams were:
Rookie All Star Award
(1 of 2) Dean’s List Finalist Award
Highest Rookie Seed
Rookie Inspiration Award
Website Award

The finals were a showdown between 1086, 1902 and 48 and 1519, 1772 and 1741, none of whom are from NC. I’m not sure if this level of shellacking has occurred in NC other years, but I just know about 2010 because of, well, this.

/thread derailment

I counted up the list: 17/44 were North Carolina teams. So yeah, 39% of teams and 13% of the golden tickets is at least a little out of proportion…but it was also a first-year event in a state that was light on teams. To me, it’s more of an L when the event has been in an area for five or ten (or fifteen (sips tea)) years.

This year we’re hosting the first ever FRC regional in British Columbia. We’ve got 20 teams in BC this year, 12 Rookies, and 8 in their second year.

We’ve got some great teams coming from Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and California, and I truly hope that a few of our local teams might end up allying with them. We’ve even got a few of our local teams on their way to becoming really good teams, but there is only so much a team can accomplish in two years.

If we see a lot of hardware heading out of the province this year… well, that’s expected! I’d much rather see it go to deserving teams! I don’t look at this as a “shellacking” as much as an honor to have strong teams come out to be role models. There is so much to be learned by having great teams at an event.

If we see a few of our up and coming teams hold their own with our guests, that’s even better. But really, what it means when you have a “home team shellacking” is that there is an opportunity for the local teams to learn and grow and build because of the powerful teams that have traveled to play with them.

If we could get the entire field of IRI to show up here next year, that would be great. It might be the greatest “shellacking” in history, but I’d put the emphasis more on the “great” side of the ledger.