Biggest Steals During Alliance Selection

In each of the last three years our team has ended up with teams as our second pick that we were shocked were available so late in the selection process and gave our alliance a significant boost. For us, these teams were 3711 (2016) and 6445 (both of the last two years)

What teams do people think were huge steals during the alliance selection process?

1671 as the 24th bot in Newton in 2015.

They went on to do 1-2 capped stacks in every match on our way to a World Championship.


2014, 2481 as the 21st pick in Galileo.

An amazing steal we had this year was 6193 at state. They were an amazing bot that knew how to play defense, very capable at switch and vault, and had a quick climber that allowed us to hook on, pull away and them to hook on at the last second. Their robot was robust enough to take a fall from climbing (sorry about that) and we never had an issue. Best steal we have ever had.

2987 at Iowa. Some teams had them ranked as the #1 robot at the event and they somehow fell to the 2nd pick of the 7th seed alliance. They were regional finalist, and the 3rd overall pick at their 1st event. I almost made a thread about it because it was a joke they weren’t a top 5 pick. Watch the video I posted and tell me how 2987 fell to the 2nd round.

610 as the third robot of the #5 alliance in Galileo 2013. The alliance went on to essentially use all available frisbees nearly every match and won it all.

As the last overall pick of (four robot alliances) Chezy Champs 2016, 1836 made 7 high goals under ball starvation defense, a half-working drivetrain, and springs so worn we switched from an outer works shot to a batter shot.

1072 as the third and 1778 as the fourth robots on the Roebling 2018 alliance. Both were top tier scale bots by my prescouting data and contributed at a very high level to that alliance’s trip to Einstein.

4678 in 2016.
When I first saw them at Windsor/Essex in 2016 I knew they were the real deal.

Chezy Champs 2014.

On 2017 we were ranked 7th on Galileo, being 6th alliance captain, picking the Wiredcats #2415 (ranked 18) and Thunderbolts #2630 (ranked 46).
Both teams were our 1st and 2nd on our scouting, anticipating highest seeded teams.
We ended as the sub division winner

2018: 7179 as the second pick of 842 and 1806 on Turing.

3620 as our third robot on the 4th alliance in Archimedes in 2018. Very surprised no one took them as a first pick, let alone on the back side of the draft. They performed amazing, and we would not have gotten as far as we did without them. Great people and a great team!

In 2016 at NYC team 5030 was the 4th seeded alliance captain, went on to take 694 with our first pick and 5016 with our second. These teams were 1 and 2 on our list leading 5030 to a regional win! I’d consider 5016 a steal for sure, if not both…

As someone who competed with 1778 at 2-3 events, I can say that they were a much better switch exchange robot than scale. Their design was waaaay too top heavy for it to be viable

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This is my pick for an alliance that didn’t win Einstein. For winners, I think the conversation starts and ends with 973 in 2011. Their minibot was just too good to drop that far.

1678 on Curie 2011, they had the fastest minibot in the division IIRC.

They ended up being pretty good after that, too :stuck_out_tongue:

2017: 384 as the 24th pick for 2056 and 1241. They were amazing at gear cycling and climbing, producing 7-8 gears some matches.

Oh, both myself and 4959 fully agree. I can’t believe we got such a great robot in the second round, and think we were very close to pulling an upset in the quarters. [strike]I still wish that Rogue could have gone to a championship, as their bot was of the upmost quality and I could not have asked for a better second pick.[/strike] EDIT: Apparently I got my alliance partners confused and it was actually 4959 who didn’t qualify. I didn’t pay much attention to Detroit, and I’m surprised they didn’t get picked there either.

They got a wildcard at their first regional, so they were at Champs (Carson division)

120 in 2016. They climbed every match and went unnoticed by defense for all of eliminations, despite being ranked at the bottom of Carver.
Also 696 and 4201 as 3rd picks in 2017 and 18. They would have been great as 2nd picks, but somehow stayed around long enough.