biggest threat in atlanta

what robots do u guys think will be the biggest defensive threat in atlanta.
im partial to team 903 bein the driver and all:]

ya im not sure if 703 is going but they have 14 wheels:D :smiley: :smiley:


Honestly, if 1662 was going (Raptor Force Engineering), them. 675 went to SVR and Davis, and they were the only bot out of the 48/39 teams that pushed US around. And we pushed 1280 and the rack at the same time.

Video of rack turn-age:


…and then there are the ramps, but I see hybrid domination (because it allows three scorers). 1114 and 330 are the two best robots I’ve seen this year, bar none. I like 56. 254’s drivers have improved, and with the ramps they are NOW a solid pick (that is, I didn’t really think much of them before).

Defensively speaking, 254 isn’t on that list. They’re built for speed and rapid-scoring. Place a bot between them and the rack and they’re done.

Can some one put up a link for pics of 84 or videos, I ahve heard alot but havent seen anything

148 seeds, then picks 254, then steals like a 181/696/1403 for a third partner. I dare you to shut them all down. Three scorers, ramps, and (atleast) two solid drivetrains: achievable optimum.

330 definately

I have a strategy that will beat that 9 times out of ten. And I don’t even need an arm.

Cya in a week:cool:


I’m curious. Can’t wait to watch.

Going with picking a alliance I would have to pick from what i ahve seen, and be partly partial towards 469, but i think 1114, 469, and maybe a 302, or 33. But then again I’m partial towards my team, and teams that friends are on, theses picks were only bots that I have seen.:smiley:

The strategy that I think he is recalling to, if its the same, has won regionals and does work effectively, but I think there are goinf to be some great matches at Atlanta with highs scores, and alot of spoiling.

842 can shut down any robot ,with no red or yellow cards!! Defense baby!!!

I’m sure all of the big guns have this one plotted out already. There was no point using it at regionals.

Ah, you are all underestimating the power of an alliance. A united front we stand, a united front we fall.

Let’s just say people’s heads will be spinning on Einstein this year.

More cryptology after the jump.

He said he doesn’t need an arm. I am curious to see what the strategy is.

Three scorers, one is a hybrid (254) capable of 2@12, and two have fairly strong drivetrains (148 and company). Without an arm on the opposing alliance, they’d just need to hang a single tube, then get two robots on the ramp. If one robot is going to take a penalty to prevent the ramping at the end, then they only need to cancel out the one opposing alliance’s robot that has ramped. So, the beefy drivetrain (148) stops trying to get on 254’s ramps, and they instead protect their partner. The ramps neutralize, and they win on the rack.

Such teases, though-- now I’m curious what strategy I’m missing.

i think these are some of the big hitters to look out for i know there is still more.

Sorry 842, but I ahve to agree with Tom on this one, If you get an alliance with atleast one good scorere then 2 defensive bots, or even 2 scorers and 1 defensive bot, I ahve seen where the 2 can protect the scorer from opponents, and defend opponents aswell. If here were an alliance of 2 scorers and 1 defensive, I have seen the defensive bot hold of teams and keeep them from scoring, and the 2 scorers amnage to get a couple ringers on the rack. I believe in Atlanta we will see an aliance of teams that we would never expect to be aligned togther, not as in teams together, but seeing that order of bots.:smiley: YAY for having FIRST keep us on our feets.

Everyone forget to mention team 2056 (Patriotics), they maybe a rookie, but they do have two regional wins under their belt. They also have a simple design and have an autonomous mode that caps on the opposing side’s rack. They also have a Rookie All-Star award backing them up. I have talked about “great” teams in other threads, but watch out for this one rookie at championship.

Actually…thats my strategy. At least a variance of it. I wouldn’t expect anything like this to happen until Elims though, when it actually will be possible.

There will be some highpowered alliances out there, definitely.
The way most will go is 2 scorers then a hybrid(ramp/scorer). That will be the most potent. But youll probably see more 2 scorers and a hybrid(ramp defender).

Robots that’ll matter the most are the likes of 330, 69, 696, 254. Teams thatll score and have ramps. Its a great combo, especially in 69 and 330.
There are a ton of teams that may get overlooked though. Its a great year for scouting to suck.
I still think one of the top 5 teams is gonna be staying at home. 1626 had some bad luck at Boston and Palmetto and ended up as Finalists twice. But they are by far one of the best I’ve seen this year. They play through anything.
My strategy probably will not be seen this year, but would be most effective, and I’d take it over anything else you could dream of.