Biggest upsets of 2016

What were the biggest match upsets of 2016, qualification or playoff? Post your thoughts here.

Please do not post about a match your team won in unless that match has already been mentioned by someone else. If it really was a big upset, someone else will probably post about it.

I have been developing an Elo model for FRC (more to come soon), and I have attached the matches this model thought were the biggest upsets.

upsets.xlsx (8.81 KB)

upsets.xlsx (8.81 KB)

The discussion starts and ends with this match.

Not a match, but the entire 2016 Curie Division could be considered an upset. In every matchup on the bracket, the underdog came out on top. The eighth seed won the division. You can see the bracket at The Blue Alliance.

The FLR alliance of 20, 639 and 1405 taking home the win. Particularly their semifinal set with 5254, 2791 and 2383.

The number 1 Alliance losing to the number 7 alliance on Newton.

You are correct, sir. What a time for the Killer Bees’ climber to jam!

Thanks for the shoutout! Also, we were part of the Curie upsets, but our win was not a significant upset itself.

While 1241 and 610 winning together normally wouldn’t qualify as an upset, the match that broke the 2056 streak counts in my book.

Our team led the only upset in the Quarterfinals of the Carson Division this year. With the help of 525, 4028, and 3352, we just barely edged out 2590, 225, 2067, and 11. Here’s the first and here’s the second.

Ahh yes, the highlight of my season

This has to be one of the biggest upset chain of the 2016 season in Newton. The 7th seed took down the 2nd seed in quarterfinals (1519, 118, 3309, 1676), took down the 3rd seed in semi-finals (67, 5172, 1477, 3481), and the 1st seed. (1241, 254, 1731 and 708)

While the 7th seed was certainly an offensive juggernaut of an alliance, during champs I wasn’t predicting them to win the Newton division after alliance selection because so many other alliances look stacked as well.

Carson had it’s upsets as well. As Boulderite mentioned, 7th seed took down the 2nd seed. 4th seed also took down the 1st seed and the 3rd seed to win the division.

Not sure I wanted to be reminded of Curie division eliminations from this year…

Similarly, the 2016 Mt. Olive MAR District had an almost perfect reverse bracket. Alliances 1, 2, 3, and 4 were knocked out in the Quarterfinals, Alliances 6 and 8 out in the Semis, and Alliance 5 losing to Alliance 7 in the Finals.

Same here :stuck_out_tongue:

+1. 20 truly constructed the best alliance possible and all three teams executed on it quite impressively. From the time alliance selection finished, I knew whoever won the first semifinal series would win the event.

Let’s not forget Bridgewater-Raritan, where Mount Olive winners 1676 and 5624 reunited to take home a banner from the #7 spot (again), upsetting the #1 alliance in finals. 1676 played some quality defense and 5624 could take down the tower singlehandedly (even at Champs); they were quite the pairing. I get a kick out of the fact that 1257 brought them together at Mount Olive and then lost to them at Bridgewater.

Is no one going to mention Einstein Finals 3? 120-2481-330 vs. 1690-2056-1405, finals match 3 score was 225-225 and the champion title was awarded to teams 120-2481-330 for playing the cleaner match. (Both amazing alliances, by the way, but the crowd was in an uproar!)

“Upset” generally implies the underrated alliance won. Both alliances here were excellent, and it’s hard to say one was heavily favored over the other to win the series.

Here are the biggest playoff upsets for individual matches using my Elo model.

playoff upsets.xlsx (9.14 KB)

playoff upsets.xlsx (9.14 KB)

Ah well then I agree 100% with Curie playoffs

I was interpreting the term upset as “people were upset about it”, carry on :cool:

I wouldn’t dare to open that can of worms.