Bill Beatty Honored

Thought we’d share with our Chief Delphi and FIRST Family this article which appeared today in our local paper.

Congratulations Mr. Bill and Thank You!!

Keith & Lori Hall

Rotary Club honors robotics team coach
Beatty has helped 600 Hammond students graduate high school

Great article. The Beatty’s and associates are some of the best people in all of FIRST.

You were the WFA recipient at the first championship event I ever attended. The fact that you were in the pits crating the robot when your name was announced etched an indelible mark on my soul that has been with me ever since. Your example of what leadership is really about - service and humility - is something I continue to aspire to.

Congratulations. Well deserved.

I found this quote from the article quite ironic:

Bill and his son Brian were the only two to show up. When they watched a video of the type of competition they were up against, Beatty had only one thing to say.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” Bill Beatty revealed to an audience of about 60 people at Purdue University Calumet.

It’s ironic because for the past 15 years, rookies have almost certainly had the same reaction after seeing what Team Hammond creates year after year.

Bill is a true giant in the FRC world.

Not only does Mr. Beatty aid the teams in The Region, but every year he reminds all us Indiana folk what the three key components of a robot are. His knowledge coupled with his humility certainly make him one to be emulated.

I don’t know Mr. Beatty very well but I would like to share one small story that spoke volumes to me regarding the humble side of this man.

A couple of years back, I contacted him, asking if he would be interested in conducting a Championship conference presentation. He had done so in the past but his response was that he wondered if anyone would still be interested in a presentation from him. (Truth.) On the day of his presentation, I was part of a presentation that followed his and I was so tickled to see Mr. Beatty surrounded by students and mentors from his audience, wanting to get just a little closer look and to stay in his friendly and wise presence just a little bit longer. I knew the true measure of the man by the smile of delight on his face. (Truth.)

Thank you, Mr. Beatty. Congratulations!


P.S. Keith and Lori, thank you for inviting us to share in this special celebration.

Congratulations, Bill. You had a tremendous impact in my life while I had the pleasure of being mentored by you and I often find my self inwardly asking, “what would Bill do?” during my current mentoring adventures. You are a great leader, a great teacher, a great role model, and a great friend.

Very well deserved!
One thing not mentioned is Mr. Bill’s monumental impact on young (and old) engineers from around the world.

Just think… many of the students who scraped their jaws off the floor in 2001 & 2002 are now engineers in the work-force…

I know those robots changed my outlook on engineering.


Congratulations, Mr. Bill!
Certainly a well deserved award. I too have learned from the Beatty Team and hope that we all benefit from the true inspiration that lives in northern Indiana.

Mr. Bill,
I hope that some day our paths will cross where we have time to sit down for a bit, and I can tell you some FIRST stories that will make you smile - all because we happen to share the same last name.
And people just assume that we are related.
Team 71 has always been so nice to me.
Thank you for all your terrific mentoring.

Mr, Bill

Congratulation on your deserving award. Team 71 gives the rest of us sometime to strive for. I have enjoyed your friendship over the years.