Bill of Materials (BOM)

Does anyone know where I can find the Bill of Materials template for the 2009 season? I went on the FIRST website and it says that it’s “coming soon”, but it’s been that way for several weeks now. where should i look?

Hey, I don’t know how to attach files on CD, but if you PM me with your email address, I can send you the template from last year. It should be basically the same.

i can’t pm you because i don’t have aol on my computer, so it wont let me

My email is:
[email protected]
just email me and I’ll reply

Click on Ice Berg’s user name and u’ll see an option to send private message.

I just posted this as a white paper is anyone else needs it:

here is the FIRST issued Bill of Materials. Released in conjunction with team update 9 on February 3, 2009