Bill of Materials: Do we add the crate?

So we were lucky enough to get the Rookie Allstar award, and we’re re-doing our judges binders and our bill of materials. Do we need to include the cost of the crate that we’re shipping the robot in to our bill of materials?

Unless you are planning on putting the crate on the field, it is not required on the BoM.


The total cost of all items **on the ROBOT **shall not exceed $4000 USD. All costs are to be determined as explained in Section 4.3: Budget Constraints. Exceptions are as follows:

individual COTS items that are less than $1 each and
Kit of Parts (KOP) items

Emphasis is mine. The cost of the crate does not matter towards the $4000 limit because it is not part of a ROBOT and therefore, you have no burden to prove it on the BoM.

First, Congratulations!

You do not need to include the cost of the crate with the BoM. Only parts on the robot are included.